ISO Boarding: Charlottesville, VA

Hi everyone,

I am considering a move to Charlottesville VA in the next few months and am looking for boarding in the area. I am familiar with the area and know many of the trainers. However, I am NOT looking to be in full training. I am looking for board only, and most of the barns I know require training.

Here is my wish-list:
-Indoor/covered, or at least an outdoor with lights
-a full sized dressage arena would be great, but isn’t a must-have
-good footing is a MUST and is a priority over an indoor or dressage arena
-preference for individual turnout, but would consider group if necessary
-trailer parking- I don’t want full training, but do plan to trailer out for lessons frequently
-This should be a given, but TOP NOTCH CARE. My poor mare has been through the gauntlet of less than ideal care situations, and this is a priority over anything else.
-Preference for no kids/no up-down lesson programs. There is absolutely a place and a need for this, but I’m at a point that I’d prefer it not to be at the same barn where I’m boarding. I certainly don’t mind an occasional family member coming to ride, but would strongly prefer an adult-only environment.

Really, I just want a quiet and safe environment in which to enjoy my horse. A small/private barn would be ideal. It does not need to be exclusively dressage. I do not have any preference for area of town.

Thank you!

You might try posting an ISO ad on There are a lot of nice horse properties in Charlottesville that don’t seem to advertise or have an online presence.

I took a one-off lesson at a little barn called Calberry that you might want to check out. It was small, low-key, but seemed like it had good instruction, especially for OTTBs and combined training. I can’t remember if it had a lighted arena. Definitely no indoor. The only place I know of with an indoor is the barracks.

I’ll be following this thread though because I would also love to move around there! Kind of operating under the delusion that I’ll get my own horse property some day, in Keswick, when I’m suddenly, inexplicably rich :wink:


Take a look at Toad Hollow. They have everything you’re looking for, including the covered arena and trailer parking.

Try Kim Schmidt at Plain Dealing Farm. She has a beautiful farm and covered arena.


Kim Schmidt’s facility requires training. Toad Hollow would be ideal, but they have no anticipated openings.

This is proving much harder than I thought!