ISO boarding upper marlboro md

Looking for advice on a good barn in upper marlboro, Bowie, Waldorf, anywhere in southern Maryland within 30-40 min of Del Ray/old town Alexandria va. Horse is recovering from epm/ neuro issues but hoping to event again so needs a kind barn manager willing to give meds. Field board or stall care, around or under $850 a month. Feeling kind of desperate as I know there are barns out there I just can’t find them!

What kind of amenities are you looking for/have to have? I have a bunch of suggestions, most will be just at or slightly out of your time requirement but within your financial budget. Feel free to message me - I just went through this :slight_smile:

I would check out:

  • Wild Bay Farm (Brandywine)
  • Baywood Farms (Harwood)
  • Greenock Hills (Harwood-ish?)
  • Haileys Hope
  • Obligation

Im in NOVA and all of these are around 45min from me (more with rush hour traffic). There are a ton more. I think there is a more comprehensive list divided by county. Sounds like you’re looking mostly in PG county and there are a lot of options.

Out of the ones listed above Baywood is prob the best. There’s a couple places to avoid as well, so feel free to PM as you narrow it down and need input on specific places.

OTTBay has put together a good list! But, what amenities you want/need are really key as all of these places are very different! Feel free to PM if you have questions about these or other places…I’ve been boarding in the MD suburbs for years so happy to also tell you places to steer clear of…

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