ISO: Chapel Hill, NC - quality pasture board for semi-retired event pony

Hi all!
I am moving to Carrboro/Chapel Hill this month and am in search of a place to board my 33 y/o 14.2 QH gelding. I have had this pony since I was 4 years old so not taking him with me is not an option :wink: He is older but still 100% sound and we plan to get out on some trail rides 2-3 times per week so I need him to be somewhere close by.

He requires pasture board - I tried stalling him a few winters ago thinking it was in his best interest and he had a bad colic episode. He grazes but doesn’t ingest a lot of what he chews on so he also needs to be fed twice a day. Finding a barn near Chapel Hill/Carrboro (10-15 minutes from Carrboro) that will offer this care at an affordable price has proven to be quite a challenge!

I am looking to stay around $200-$250 per month (I would provide my own grain, he doesn’t get hay) and ideally I am looking for quality pasture with a run in shed, feeding twice a day, and blanketing in the winter, and of course trails to ride on! I have been boarding him at a co-op barn for the past 6 years so I am definitely open to that option as well.

I have been in touch with Gloria at Terrell’s Creek and I am hoping that we can work something out there but I am trying to keep my options open as well so if you have any leads, they would be greatly appreciated!!

My sister used to board at Terrell’s Creek. Gloria is wonderful and it’s a lovely, well-run place. I would say that’s your best bet in the area. Good luck!