ISO Eventing barn near Bethesda area

We are relocating from NJ to Bethesda, Md (Parkwood area) this summer. I am looking for local eventing barn recommendations for boarding and training. I am middle aged, fairly new to eventing and can ride during day. Would like to find a barn with an indoor and outdoor arena and xc/trail access. Coming from an active, incredibly supportive, small (10 stall) barn family with great horse care, like minded folks: competitive, low drama, social, fun-loving crew that train and travel to shows together. We have dressage, jump and XC trainers that come weekly. I know this may be hard to match, but would love to hear about great local barns that might fit! Open to larger barn, but with personalized care and friendly feel. Thanks for suggestions!

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You are moving to an excellent area for eventing! So many shows, schoolings and great trainers within an hour or 2. Check out for boarding. More like 30-40 horses but has everything else you listed.

Sent you a PM! Welcome to Maryland.

A Bit Better Farm in Laytonsville is exactly right for you but it is VERY small and often doesn’t have a vacancy. Just up the road from that is Waredaca, where I board. It is NOT small – includes a lesson program and so on – but during the weekdays it’s very quiet. We are super friendly and have two FEI event coaches on site, along with weekly visits by one FEI dressage coach and semi monthly visits from another, monthly clinics with Jimmy Wofford and so on. Literally hours of hacking and plenty of riding facilities.
Both of these farms are worth a visit - they are very different but both great places to be based.

I second Destination.

In addition to Destination, A Bit Better and Waredaca, check out She works out of Sunset Hill in Woodbine. Courtney Sendak is also there. I would recommend either

Yes, sunset hill is very nice, good idea…

I bought my horse from Destination. Great people and a really great/supportive atmosphere. A good place to enjoy your horse!