ISO full service Boarding Facility Near Fredericksburg,Va.

Looking for a nice place to board my 14 year old gelding. Quite and well mannered. small group turnout with free choice hay. Need a ring and some trails to ride out on. Pasture as much as possible with stall for bad weather. Adult atmosphere .with easy to get along with folks. I live near Lake anna Virginia on east side The nearest big city is Fredericksburg and Orange.I can drive 30 min in any direction.23024.Don’t show, just a pleasure rider but love to take lessons and keep my horse in shape. Thanks for any suggestions.

Add your location to your thread title. Pull up your thread, click the edit icon on lower right, click go advanced then just add nearest big city and State to the title…

Many Cothers scroll past ISO board threads without specific location in the title. You lose some who might know somebody even if they dont live in the area if they dont want to take time to open it trying to figure out where. Especially if they are sneaking a peak at work or working on some project. They can come back later if they know where you are looking.

Would also add a ballpark price range in the thread.

I know several people in VA but no idea where Lake Anne is.

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