ISO Hay in San Antonio TX area

I’ll be moving with my pony to San Antonio in a few months, and I’m still researching hay suppliers in the area. Does anyone have recommendations on reputable/high quality hay suppliers in that area? The stable that I’ll be at gets coastal hay from a place called D&D Farm and Ranch in Seguin, TX (not sure if D&D has their own hay fields or sources it elsewhere, but I suspect they grow their own). There’s also a place called St. Hedwig Feed & Supply that grows coastal and alfalfa (and sudan, but I’m not interested in that). Is there anyone on the forums familiar with either place, or know of another good source there?


Hi there! Welcome to the area. D&D is a feed and supply store as is St.Hedwig. They all bring in their hay from dealers/hay suppliers. There is a guy that sells some pretty rich alfalfa on the Retama Racetrack. He generally posts in the Great San Antonio Horse Supplies group on FB. May want to try him. Keep in mind alfalfa here is very different from New York and a whole lot richer so if you can bring some with you and wean your horse on to it I would try that. Let me know when you get settled in the area and we can meet up.

Thanks! It looks like I’ll be doing full-care boarding after all (the self-care place I was supposed to use doesn’t think they’ll have availability any more :frowning: ). It looks like I’ll be boarding at Retama actually, so I wonder if they use that guy’s hay?

The pony will be shipping with a bale of hay from home, but it’s a timothy blend that my current boarding barn grows themselves (this will be her first time on coastal, and first time in over a year with alfalfa).

The hay at Retama is awesome!