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ISO Ideas For DIY Wind Break/ Two Sided Shelter

I’m hoping to (finally) get the runs/ all weather dry lot put in behind the barn before winter hits (plan is for ponies to be turned out there instead of larger dry lot when it’s wet to help preserve larger dry lot from getting nasty). Keeping in mind that they will mostly be on the all weather run in winter/ when it’s wet (and likely dreary/ cold/ windy) I want to put up a wind break or small two sided shelter, if possible. The runs will eventually lead to stalls via Dutch door but currently only one door is available and I worry dominant horse will bully submissive horse and make her stand out in the cold/ wet. I can always bring them into the stalls, but am trying to keep them out as much as possible for both their benefit and my own (less stall cleaning). We will be using pipe panels to fence the all weather run, so I was thinking I could attach a super heavy duty tarp or every plywood to the outside of the panels (which are 6ft) to provide a wind break. I’d also like to give them a roof, if possible, but the wind breaks along will go a long way as we are at the top of a hill and the all weather run is right where the wind comes in. The biggest issue with a roof is I want to avoid putting a post inside the run area (once the Dutch doors are complete, it will be separate/ individual runs). Any ideas for a roof around that? Appreciate any ideas or insight!

For years I have been using Canvas Drop Cloths for wind blocks, been buying these at Harbor Fright for about $11 for a 9by12 , they have many sizes available

These are canvas (10 oz) that has been treated to be waterproof

Average life for me is three years

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I saw an interesting shelter plan for turned out equines. Not sure of dimensions, but it could be sized for horses or ponies. You just want it solid, so the materials need to be good quality. The design was for broodmares and foals. Z shaped wall on it’s side, with a full, rectangular roof covering above all 3 walls… Horses could shelter behind walls, heads under roof, no matter what direction wind came from. Not going to prevent horses entirely from getting rained or snowed on, but heads, small bodies under cover on dry dirt, protected from sun and weather. Not really deep on the points of Z to allow foals or submissive equines to get trapped in. Wider roof was the weather cover of bodies. Almost a zig-zag to the wall.

These shelters were in an article about a ranch raising foals to sell. They limited how many mare-foal units were in the pasture to use the shelters, not crowded groups.

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