ISO input - Legend, Adequan, or Pentosan?

Hi, I’m ISO recent input about Pentosan (and PentAussie) vs Adequan vs Legend. My horse is in his early to mid-20s, he’s been a very sound Arabian. He’s had some discomfort lately and the vet thinks he has some arthritis in a knee and he’s shown a bit of pain in a hock. Oral Cosequin didn’t seem to make a noticeable difference, and now he’s on equiox/Previcox and has had one dose of IV Legend, then two weeks later a shot of Adequan. My farrier says he’s seen real improvement in horses on Pentosan, and the same horses had not responded after a long course of Adequan.

I’m trying to do the best for my horse and we’ll probably get him radiographed next week, with a steroid injection in the knee and possibly one hock. Any input would be great!

It’s such an individual response. If he had one dose of Legend, I would continue and do the 3 weekly injections as recommended and then monthly thereafter as needed. One injection of Legend and one of Adequan isn’t sufficient to determine how well each one works. I would stay start at Pentosan and work your way up if needed, but at this point, I would pick Legend or Adequan and give as directed first to know if it works for your horse.

That said, I have found the most bang for my buck and best response has been a direct injection to the affected joint itself.


I agree joint injections are more bang for your buck and IMO opinion if you don’t do the loading dose of adequan or pentosan you’re wasting your money. The great thing about Adequan or Pentosan is they treat the whole body. Some people will do both. They will inject the affected joints then treat with an injectable. I have found I can stretch joint injections out to a full year if I also treat with an injectable.

Adequan loading dose is 5cc every 4 days for a total of 7 doses spread over 28 days.

Pentosan is 5 or 6cc once a week for 4 weeks.

Repeat as necessary.

I’ve had very good results with both for my boy with hock arthritis. I normally do Pentosan because it’s cheaper.

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I’ve treated with my horse with Pentosan & Legend. He is 22 and going great for his age. Slight inflammation in his TMJ but that is about it.

I used Pentosan first because it was the cheapest but you have to do the loading dose.

I didn’t see a big difference in my horse so I gave Legend a try. I felt an improvement within a few days of the first injection. In the past, I used to give 1 dose of Legend a day or two before a show. Now, I am actually doing the loading dose (1 dose a week for 3 weeks) and I am pretty happy with what I am seeing after the 2nd dose.

If Pentosan and Legend didn’t work, then I was going to give Adequan a try.

The reason I went with Legend before Adequan was mainly because I had a show coming up and Legend works faster than Adequan (from what I have read).

The steroid injection made the biggest difference for my guy.

I used Pentosan on a previous horse who had some major joint issues and the difference I saw in him was AMAZING. I nearly cried when I saw him running around in the field one day because he looked so much better. I think my current horse didn’t show much of a difference because he doesn’t have too many issues going on at the moment.

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I’ve used Adequan on three horses over the years with good results. I’ve use Pentosan once with some result, but not near the same as the horse had with Adequan so I went back to it. I’ve never tried Legend.

Results are always individual to a horse but some have a bigger “footprint” of positive effectiveness than others. From vets I’ve talked to Adequan gets the nod more than anything else. Take that for what it’s worth! :wink:

Good luck in your decision.


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I used Adequan on my 16 year old this spring and had great results. I’ve never used the other two so cannot comment on those. My horse did not respond much at all to Equiiox. Cosequin ASU worked to some degree. Since he had more of an overall stiffness, I went with Adequan over targeted injections. Jury is out on how long it will last before I have to do it again.

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