ISO Instructor Near Bel Air, Maryland

I am looking for an instructor who is either willing to travel to my barn or will let me trailer-in my own horse (ideally no more than an hour drive from Bel Air, but negotiable).
My OTTB mare and I are currently showing 2’6-2’9 Hunter/Eq and BN events and we’re looking to move up to 3’+ and Novice+ next season. Open to group, private, and semi-private lessons. Side note: I do best with someone who explains the theory behind what they’re asking me to do - not just someone who shouts instructions without telling me the why.
I’m fairly new to the area so I’m open to suggestions on trainers that you think would be a good fit or worth a try.
Thanks in advance!

I’m an eventer and really like Sally Cousins-- she’s just over the PA line off Rte 1 in Oxford, but also teaches at other farms locally. She’s great with TBs, but definitely is primarily eventing based. You can find her number and email at

I know a lot of hunter people locally like Laura Leroy Towner, who is just in Churchville on 155. I haven’t ridden with her much but she seems really nice and competes a lot locally. I had a lesson with Francyne Hammonn at Serenity Manor Farm in Jarrettsville and liked her a lot too.

I’ll mention Morgan Cillo again, as I did on the eventing forum. She is young but very good, and she absolutely loves to explain the theory behind things. We are right outside of Bel Air, so if you want to come watch her teach it would be close for you to pop over. I half-lease my older horse to one of her students and I literally would not trust him to anyone else than Morgan (other than my own trainer).

I know Sally well and she is a lot of fun to ride with but she isn’t much for talking about theory, and doesn’t really do flatwork. You warm up on the flat by yourself and then have a jump lesson. She is a go and do sort of trainer- it’s certainly worth riding with her, though, to see if she suits what you need.

I have a trainer friend who is in Fallston, MD who I think fits the bill. She’s in her 20s, but has been doing great things with her barn and training program along with the several OTTBs she’s worked with.
Here is her facebook link.

She’s pretty prompt with phone calls and texts as well.

Not a big name, but it’s worth a look!

ETA: She focuses on Hunter/Jumpers for the most part but does eventing type things as well.

Thanks for the responses! I’ll definitely look into these names. If anyone has warnings about barn/trainer situations to avoid please let me know in a PM, I don’t want to spread negative things about people. I have been in other situations where the instructor put on a good face for the first month then snapped, so any heads-up would be appreciated.

A second for Laura Leroy.