ISO Instructor near Bel Air, MD

I am looking for an instructor who is either willing to travel to my barn or will let me trailer-in my own horse (ideally no more than an hour drive from Bel Air, but negotiable).
My OTTB mare and I are currently showing 2’6-2’9 Hunter/Eq and BN events and we’re looking to move up to 3’+ and Novice+ next season. Open to group, private, and semi-private lessons. Side note: I do best with someone who explains the theory behind what they’re asking me to do - not just someone who shouts instructions without telling me the why.
I’m fairly new to the area so I’m open to suggestions on trainers that you think would be a good fit or worth a try.
Also, I’m open to separate jumper/xc and dressage trainers if you know of people who specialize in one rather than all three.

Thanks in advance!

Kim Meier

I think at that level you really need to decide between hunters and eventing or have two instructors. That is too advanced to generalize between the two disciplines. If you narrow it down I can give you excellent suggestions for either one.

One of my clients is within an hour of you, and two are just outside of an hour. Here is their info, and feel free to ask me any questions about them and their programs!

Courtney Cooper (C Square Farm in Nottingham, PA):

Full Moon Farm (Finksburg, MD):

Kelley Williams (A Bit Better Farm in Brookeville, MD):