ISO Leather Belt with Snaps for Buckle AND Tip for Nail-In Silver Tip

Have pounded the web and cannot find a reasonably priced simple leather belt with snaps for my buckle and plain leather tip end to add the silver tip.

The width of the belt needs to be 3/4" for the buckle and tip area but could be wider elsewhere.

I wore this 30 yrs ago and me waist just ain’t that tiny anymore.

Ya’ll know where one can find such a belt?

Depending on where you are, if you have saddle makers around, they will make belts any size and type you want.
It will cost more if hand tooled, the commercial ones are machine stamped and so much cheaper, but the tooling can wear out and fade, hand tooled it will be there forever.

We used to make belts in the basement when the weather was terrible in the winter, chores were done and other work could wait for a better day, but we don’t have that time any more.

Here is a local saddler that has made some nice belts for us:

Thank you! Their belts are beautiful - will check them out.

You can try Tory Leather Company, they make beautiful belts-in the USA!! with snaps to add your own buckle. You can also try Ebay-I’d key word Vintage western tooled belt removable buckle, and your waist size, you might find something nice there. Sellers are good to respond to ? about measurements if widths aren’t provided.

Is that a Vogt buckle, keeper and tip set? I found one similar to that at my local Goodwill 5 years ago. Paid $3.00 for it, they are worth around $2,000 now, my best thrift score ever!

Yes, it IS Vogt! Real rubys and silver and gold. Shit, worth $2k!?!?!??! I should sell then. I’m broke from building a barn. I guess you DID make a score. Bought this set 30 yrs ago at least. Wonder how I could sell it?

OMG look at this…

I’m in shock.

Is yours marked “Chet Vogt”?

Just Vogt I believe. It’s at home and I’m at work. Does that affect it’s value do you know?

It does. If it’s signed “Chet Vogt” scribbled in cursive, it’s worth $2-3K.
If it’s marked “Vogt”, “Vogt Silversmiths”, then it’ll be less.
A new buckle set from Vogt is still $1000 depending on the size and the design/collection.

But before you take my word for it, you can definitely call or email Vogt to be sure. They are pretty helpful.

Good to know - thanks for taking time to reply and the info. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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You bet!!