ISO lesson barn in and around Durham NC

I grew up riding horses and competed predominantly in eventing (through Training level), but I haven’t really ridden in about ten years. I’m new to the Raleigh-Durham area, and am looking to start taking lessons again; being that I’m so out of shape/am broke because of student loans, I’m interested in a low-drama and quiet barn that has horses that I can take weekly lessons on just to get back in the saddle. I’d like to find someone who has experience with eventing, but I know that there’s probably less of that than back in N. VA.

Most people in the area are pleasure riders, or hunters (especially over in Raleigh). The only quality eventing instructor in the area is Holly Hudspeth, based here: She doesn’t offer lesson horses, but there may be someone on the property who wants to lease their horse out.

There are a few lower-quality barns out there that offer lessons, but none has an especially impressive presence or reputation. Your best bet might be to post on the Triangle Area Equestrians Facebook page. There was one young woman based in Chapel Hill who offered lessons with an eventing focus but I can’t recall her name. Her students were like starter/BN level. But it could be enough to get you back in the saddle. There’s also I’m not sure of the quality of the lessons or horses, but they have a nice facility and host little shows for getting you back in the swing of things. They are not eventing focused, however.

I tried to post something and it poofed. Anyway, not much in the area for eventing, I’m sorry to say. Holly Hudspeth is the only quality eventing trainer and she doesn’t have lesson horses. You should try posting on the Triangle Area Equestrians page. You will get more leads there, mostly for people with backyard horses they want you to ride, but that might all you need at the moment.

Jeanette Ford (lower-mid level) at Wildwood
Holly Hepp (ULR) teaches at Quail Roost but they do not have lesson horses. There may be a horse you can lease/take a lesson on though, you’d have to ask.
Genevieve Andrews (lower level) at Epona, again though, no string of lesson horses though may have 1 or 2 that can give lessons.

Louise - feel free to drop me a note at or shoot me a text at (919) three six eight -1110. I have a couple horses students have shown through the Training Three Day level, and a nice quiet barn between Durham and Chapel Hill.
. I teach a mix of children and adults, mostly private lessons, with field trips to play in Southern Pines, ride in local Hunter paces, schooling shows, and fox hunts.
Welcome to the area!

Jeannette Ford