ISO New Barn Anne Arundel County Maryland

I’m looking for something that I fear may not exist but I figure I’ll ask here anyway. I need to switch barns, and I’m looking for a barn that goes to rated shows, has some lesson horses (preferably with lease options), a good trainer, all in southern Maryland/Anne Arundel County. If anyone has any leads, they’d be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hunter Ridge in Davidsonville!

Hopewell Farm in Friendship.

Hey there! I live in AA County, and I have been at Hunter Ridge in Davidsonville for about a year and a half. The facility is amazing (one of the nicest barn I’ve ever been in) and the group is a really fun bunch adult re-riders (some kids, but mostly adults.). I’d say the main focus is hunters, but there are a few jumpers. Some of us own, some lease, some half lease, some just take lessons. We do both the local and rated shows, depending on goals. You can check out the FB page for more info: Hunter Ridge Stables at Bridgefield Farm. Happy to chat if you’d like to PM me! (And I’m dying to find out who Legallygray is LOL!)