ISO: Percival or "Percy" (17 h grey warmblood gelding) - last seen Ottawa area

Hi all - circa 2008 I gave away my horse Percy to what I was told would be as a pasture pet because he was very dangerous under saddle (he was born around 2001). I was very young and naive at the time and wish I kept paperwork - the giveaway home was arranged by the cowboy who was training him for me and finally gave up on him being under saddle. I loved that horse so much but was very concerned he would kill somebody one day (he was absolutely deadly at times under saddle, almost killed me many times and everyone else who rode him). He was sometimes very dangerous on the ground too, which is why I considered euthanizing him, worried he might kill someone or that he would end up being abused into submission.

I gave him away on the explicit promise that he would never be ridden. However, I heard years later from a friend that she thought she saw him at an eventing show in Ontario - she said she recognized him because the rider had tied his head while mounting him (one of his bad behaviors was to aggressively buck and bolt as a person was in the process of mounting).

They almost certainly changed his name and this is a shot in the dark - I’ve been haunted for a while wondering what became of him. He was dapple grey as a 7 year old but likely quite white looking by now. If anyone has any leads, please let me know. Thank you.

This is an old post, but do you have a picture of him, was he registered with anything, etc? Heavily researching horses/their past is a strange joy of mine, I’ve been able to dig up some long-buried stuff on horses I knew.

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Yes…photos would definitely help. I will keep an eye out too.

Do you want to share who the cowboy was? I might be able to track something down that way if it’s someone I know.