ISO PPE vet near Augusta/Bangor, Maine

Can anybody recommend a good vet to PPE a dressage prospect located between Augusta and Bangor, Maine? Thank you!

Dr Kathryn Williams is outside of Augusta. (

She is excellent, familiar with dressage horses. I’m not sure her territory (Augusta to Bangor is quite the range!).

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@Displaced_Yankee I struck out with Dr Williams (horse is outside her service area), but she gave me some other names. Any chance you (or anyone else) know any of these?

Dr Jennifer Larson (Evergreen Vet Services)
Dr Janelle Tirrell (Third Coast Equine)
Apple Creek Equine

The other vet who was recommended to me is scheduling 4-5 weeks out!!! And the seller would have to haul in too.

I worried that would be the case.

No, I don’t know those names (I was more midcoast, and several years ago) but I will text her in the morning and see if she prefers one over another. We are close, so I am happy to ask for you.


I use Jenelle Tirrell, and like her a lot. :ok_hand:

She’s a small practice, though, and quite busy. Have you tried Annabessacook? They’re a bit further south, but they’re also a lot bigger:

Thank you!! Yes, ABC is who’s scheduling 4-5 weeks out. Great to know about Dr Tirrell though. Worth a shot anyway!

Yes, give Jenelle a try. She’s not the best about answering texts ( :grimacing:) but otherwise she’s great.

Good luck!

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Kat got back to me. She said they would all do a good job, or else she wouldn’t have recommended, no real preference. So…not much more help there!

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You might try Foxcroft Veterinary Services. They are out of Dover-Foxcroft but regularly go at least as far south as Skowhegan/Norridgewock.

Janelle Tirrell DVM and Rachel Flaherty DVM both worked with Dr Dave Jefferson at Maine Equine Associates for a few years.

Janelle left Maine Equine and established Third Coast Equine around 2014-2015. Janelle came to our barn several times including 2019 Barn Day but she is almost 2 hours away. My horse is coming 27. I was able to find an excellent DVM who is much closer…

Rachel left Maine Equine in 2014 and established her practice, Back Cove Equine in Portland. She was not taking on new clients when Dr J mostly retired in 2018… I don’t know if that has changed.

Both are excellent vets.

Dr J mostly retired in 2018 which left hundreds of horse owners faced with finding a new vet. The shock of his announcement reverberated all over southern Maine. He was in practice for 50 years, however, so we had to acknowledge maybe it was time. He continued to do chiro until the pandemic created havoc with his schedule last April so he fully retired. So far he has given us with 2 amazing books: Maine Horse Doctor: on the Road with Dr J, and Goodbye Old Friend, on euthanasia, which was published a few weeks ago. Both are on Amazon.

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Yep. That would be me. I loved Dr Jefferson. He could be slightly woo on occasion, which I mostly side-stepped, but with a backbone of Yankee common sense built on years of keen observation.

“For nearly 50 years I have been an equine veterinarian and horse owner in northern New England. For the last 10, I have written a monthly column about my love affair with horses for ‘The Horse’s Maine & NH.’ Those essays are this book. Some are funny, some sad, and some philosophical. All are practical. Each story is true. This is not a book of ‘first aid to horses’ or a veterinary ‘how to’ book, although some of that has crept in. Rather, it is my view of responsible horse ownership. I hope you enjoy it and learn something as well.”