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ISO riders with hip replacements

Though all riders can have difficulty with their hips those with hip replacements face particular challenges.

This is why I am creating a special program for riders with hip replacements – so you can get back in the saddle feeling balanced and confident.

In this spirit, I am looking to talk with riders who have hip replacements.

My interest is to better understand the challenges you are facing and what will help you the most to ride with ease.

I would love to chat with you…. reply to this post or message me so we can arrange a time.

Looking forward to connecting with you!

Best, Heather

I had a hip replacement 4 yrs. ago and after the initial healing process, I haven’t had a problem.:slight_smile:

My youngest dd, just 18, has not had a replacement, but broke her hip and her pelvis in 2 spots, along with other stuff, last week. I would be interested in any developments as they are talking 3.5 to 6 months before riding again.

I just had a hip replacement this year, and am riding much better with the new hip than I was with the old. The only thing I have noticed is that I have a little trouble swinging my leg over the back of the saddle if it is a higher-backed saddle and not my close contact; I think I just need to stretch my muscles out some more, but that is the only thing. Otherwise, I am much more balanced and able to ride than before–before my hip was locked up so badly that I couldn’t use that leg, and it was in such pain I couldn’t move freely with my horse. Since it has been done, I can use that leg like I should be able to, and can stay with my horse better.

I am not the one who has had the hip replacement, but I ride for a lady that had both hips replaced. She had bone spurs that caused riding to be extremely painful.

She had her hips replaced separately, and rode for the few weeks in between.

Post hip replacement, she could ride for hours and at any pace, where before she could only ride for 1:30 mins tops and a totally walking ride was more painful than a more forward ride.

Initially, post surgery, she had trouble mounting, even from a 4 step block, now she can mount from a 3 step easily, a two step if she has to, but can not mount from the ground. Her horse is 15’2" and she is 5’6".

Before, during and after surgery she was diligent about going to the gym and following her PT. Now, several years post surgery, she doesn’t go to the gym, just rides.

There is riding post hip replacement.

I was riding 12 weeks after my surgery but my surgery was in December so the weather helped the waiting time. Any time you use a new muscle with a hip replacement you are going to feel pinches until that muscle gets back in shape. I am lame as a 3 legged horse for a few days if I need to do a chore that requires going up and down a ladder, riding is no problem now.
It took me 11 minutes to mount the first time and my horse knew not to move a muscle. I tried to hop on him bareback 3 years post surgery, not easy at all to swing the better leg/hip (also needs to be replaced) over his back. It wasn’t painful, I just got stuck. After finally getting on, I said I am surprised I didn’t pee my pants, she turned to me and said you did!

Six years post hip replacement here…and probably looking at another one in the next 2-5 years. My riding is much better than it was prior to THR. An understanding trainer, PT and lunge lessons were key to regaining confidence and balance.

Got a friend who had a hip replacement in June. She was told she would never be able to ride again. Flat-out, no discussion. Has anybody else been told this by the surgeon and returned to riding?

The farm manager at the place I am now boarding had both of his hips replaced and was told no more riding.

He followed the doctor’s instructions.

I would think you would need to have a frank discussion with your doctor and find out why? Type of replacement or their lack of knowledge, or preconceived ideas.