ISO Shires Henley coat

I have rudely noticed that my beloved Shires Henley in black and purple no longer fits.

My everlasting gratitude for anyone that can find me one in a US size 8 or a UK 36 in black with purple highlights! seems to still have Henley jackets. Looks very nice.

I don’t see it there.

I thought I was in the Shires USA page, just put “Henley” into the search box and up it came. However, always a chance it was actually the UK page. It is available because I’ve just found it again.

Thanks, not available in the size I’m looking for which is the trouble I’m having because it’s discontinued.

Google; Henley Competition Jacket - Ladies SKU 9572 Size 36
(If they will ship to the USA, you could get a reduction in price by not paying VAT.)

Ugh, when you click on add to basket it says they are out of stock