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ISO: Stony Road-TB gelding

2011 16.3 Dark Bay/Black, mealy muzzle, star, two back socks below fetlock, small bit white right front coronet. By Magna Graduate out of Royal Rhapsody.

Sold by Churchill Thoroughbreds/Churchill Hunt Club/Thoroughbred Sport horses LLC out of KY. If I recall he was sold around spring/summer 2015 supposedly to a lady in Illinois or Indiana.

I did contact Churchill and asked about him. I asked if she would forward my contact info to the new owner, but I’m doubtful it was ever done.

I’m not the breeder, but I do now own his dam and I saw him as a youngster from the fellow I bought my mare from. I would just like to make sure he is okay and offer an open door to my farm for him at any time if needed.

Bump! I’m still keeping an eye out for him. No leads at all so far.

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He is registered with TIP: [TABLE=“border: 1, cellpadding: 5, cellspacing: 0”]
T.I.P. Number Horse’s Show Name TJC Registration Name Sire Dam Rider Name [/TR]
[TD]Stony Road[/TD]
[TD]Magna Graduate[/TD]
[TD]Royal Rhapsody[/TD]
[TD]Amy McKay[/TD]