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ISO Topaki 2007 Bay TB gelding (likely in Northern CA) maybe in hunter ring

Hi All,

Topaki is a gelding I pulled off the track back in 2014 and retrained for hunters. I traded him with a friend of my old trainer’s for a mare that better fit where my lifestyle is heading (family life). She was going to use him as a show horse for her daughter but I heard she sold him to a woman in the San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula as a show horse for her teenage daughter within months without notifying me first. Just hoping someone may have heard of him, knows where he is now, or knows his current owners and can put me in touch. He is a dear horse to me and we went through a lot together. It’s important to me that I know he’s doing alright. Thanks.

Any pictures? Something about his name sounds familiar to me, though it could just be my imagination. I’ll look around in one of the hunter registries around here and see.

There is a discussion looking for information on a 2007-model dark bay TB gelding from Billings auction via CA on the dressage thread–long shot, but there are pictures of the horse, who is apparently has a solid dressage background per the purchaser.