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ISO Upper Level Event Trainer in Newport News Area

Hello everyone!

I am currently looking for an upper level event trainer in the Newport News, VA area. I am planning on attending CNU next fall and I will be taking at least two horses with me. I am currently competing at Intermediate and will hopefully soon have my CCI3*. I realize that this area is not known for eventing and isn’t going to be what I’m used to in Northern Virginia, but I would really appreciate any ideas. I’m willing to drive anywhere (within reason) to get upper level instruction. I’m also open to training with pure dressage and show jumping trainers, as long as they have Grand Prix experience. I would really appreciate any ideas that anyone might have. Finding the right trainer is going to be the deciding faction in my decision to commit to CNU.

Thank you!

You will need to travel up to Richmond at least. That area is a desert for upper level event trainers. Debbie Rodriguez is an s-level judge and could help you with dressage.

My niece just started at CNU this year. She loves it! Best of luck to you!

Kathy Rowse of Silverleaf Farm in Suffolk is a stellar dressage instructor. Magnificent.

Kathy would probably be at least an hour away or more with traffic. Debbie is much closer.