Italian Greyhounds

Any other equestrians have them? I’ve got three :slight_smile:

If so-- what are their fav toys? My boys are horrible about ripping things apart & eating them. We’ve had the best success with Benebone products–highly recommend!

I have a Iggy! My guy likes regular cheap squicky toys. But his fav is busybones. He will play and hide it then go get it and hide it again…in case his buddy seen where he hide it the first time.:lol::lol:

I also give frozen real beef bones from the butcher and this keeps him busy a long while.

I have an IG. He doesn’t like any toys unless they are edible. My previous ones liked fuzzy squeaky toys; they liked to disembowel them.:slight_smile:

I’ve had two greyhounds - does that count??? Failed racing dogs.
They didn’t like toys much at all - just slept and played. Most useless, loveable, softest, sweetest, lovingest doge ever! I felt proud every time I went out with mine…so elegant.

We had an iggy two decades ago and yes, they are known for being squeeky toy murderers.

Best to avoid that is to play with them with those toys, then give them other kinds that they can’t destroy and put the soft toys away.

Our Iggy’s favorite was a coon tail toy with the head a ball with a battery that made sounds and wiggled the tail.

Oh, boy, you had to put that one away after playing or she would not quit chasing and killing it, non-stop.

Ours was the one of many dogs that learned obedience the fastest, just show her once and she got it and stayed with her.

Our vet adored her, she was the most polite dog he ever saw and he said, best trained one.
We had to keep repeating, that was the dog, not the trainer or training.

The strangest that happened to us, sitting in the pickup waiting in the grocery store parking lot, a man and his two little sons walked by.
They saw her standing on my lap and looking out the window and a kid asked “what is that?”

The father looked puzzled, then a lightbulb came on and he said, serious, “that is a ferret!”

Is an Italian Greyhound like a Whippet?

Is an Italian Greyhound like a Whippet?[/QUOTE]


Italian greyhounds, “iggies”, toy dog breed miniaturized from greyhounds:

Whippets, much larger and more solid greyhounds:

Whippets are (on average) between 25-40 lbs., IGs are maybe 10 lbs. (6 to 15 lbs.?), Greyhounds anywhere from 50-80 lbs.

LOTS of size differential for breeds that look - superficially - quite similar!

The temperaments are also very different among the 3, though there are several similarities :wink: