It's all over tomorrow.

It hardly seems real, but it’s all over tomorrow. I really am retiring from the breeding business here with a terrific mixture of emotions. It’s been a long, full career with many wonderful horses and friends. While the auction is tomorrow/today (Saturday), I have to admit I will be keeping a competition horse so I can still enjoy the passion in my life.

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Best of luck with the sale. Hugs for you.


Judy, what a bittersweet day for you. Best of luck to you with the sale, and in the future. I hope your “retirement” is filled with fun and relaxation!

I watched the preview last night and was very impressed. All of the horses were gorgeous and very well prepared.

'm not sure if it was my computer or what but I was getting an echo on the online audio and couldn’t hear any details and finally turned the audio off.

Best of luck with the auction and your new life.

Best of luck with the auction. I’ll be there, virtually! This is so well-organized and prepared that I hope premium prices happen. As well, I hope you stay involved with Hanoverian and horse breeding in general, because we learn a lot from you!

Good luck with the auction. I watched some of the preview yesterday and you have bred some wonderful horses. Enjoy your retirement!

^ ^ ^ Like! And here’s a fun tribute from Eventing Nation:

Best wishes!

This has to be so bittersweet. I am with you in spirit. Hoping all goes well and that you love the freedom that this step will bring.

((hugs)) for So many mixed Emotions !

[I]So many mixed emotions !


Bravo on a great career !

Jingles & AO for your dispersal !

Congratulations on your retirement !

Wishing Happiness and Peace in your life !

  • again ((hugs)) for this day’s events & emotions *


I watched some of the preview; you have some beautiful horses. I hope the auction is wildly successful; enjoy your retirement!

My “heart” horse came from the Glenwood auction long ago. There will be some very happy and LUCKY people out there at this time tomorrow. And Judy if you are in Northern California sometime and want to go on a beautiful trail ride on a fun horse pm me and we’ll go. Best of luck to everyone!

Best wishes for a successful sales, some very lucky folks will be starting fresh with lovely new horses as a result.

Celebrate tomorrow! For you it can be a great new beginning, not an “end”.

I’m loving brentasia, but if I get another broodmare my husband might divorce me!

All the best to you from Colorado.

Good luck in your new life!

Best of luck with auction and ENJOY what retirement brings :slight_smile:

Best of luck with auction and ENJOY what retirement brings :slight_smile:

Wishing you all the best…your horses are lovely. I’m glad you are keeping a horse to enjoy when you are retired!!

I hope that some of our COTHers are taking advantage of these great bargains.

Such nice breeding… such lovely horses.

well, i am definitely watching, limited budget though! beautiful, quality animals!!