It's such a very small world. QH Folks: Kissin The Girls

Y’all may remember when Shirley Roth abused Kissin The Girls in 2012.. It all blew up, the horse was shipped back to his owners in Australia, and that was that. I don’t think she was ever charged with animal cruelty, and she’s still in business today so far as I know, I didn’t check. I hope she isn’t.

AnyWHO- so I wanted to get some alfalfa and found some via FB Marketplace. I recognized the seller’s name as a prominent QH person, and that was that. So I slipped over there today to the farm and lo and behold, there stands Kissin the Girls. He looks fantastic, of course he does, and it just struck me what a very small world it is that he left Texas, went home to Australia, then in 2016 shipped to Alabama, and a small town just down the road from me. I don’t know, it just made me marvel for a second.


Shirley Ann Roth of Ocala, FL is listed on the AQHA all-time suspension list with a date of suspension of 9/12/2012.


He’s been back for a while.

And his owners use Shirley Roth as a trainer for at least one of their horses; it’s all very transparent on social media.

Well, I dont typically follow QHs any longer, and didn’t know that. That’s really unfortunate to hear.

Sorry to bump back this thread, I’ve been out of the stock horse world for a few years. They seriously still use her?