It's Winter, Still

Not much happening here right now. Snow will be melting over the next few days of rain. The main Pair have winter shoes on with the rest barefoot. The old guy had to wear his blanket in the cold, but no covers in 50F weather.

Husband has been fighting with the old Ford tractor, carburetor issues. I think it is going to the dealer soon! Then he noticed the Kuhnle Funline carriage had a low tire. Lots of fun with that! Would not hold air so he brought it into the house to take apart. Turns out the valve was bad on the tube. “Where is the spare wheel?” Well, not where I expected to find it!! Finally found it buried waaayyy back behind things in the carriage shed. He brought it into the house to warm up, but thinks it may also need a new tube. He ordered a couple tubes, but it will take some time to get them here. Being such an odd size, they are not easy to find locally.

Been racing around getting ready for Christmas. Can relax now it is over. Still getting tack around for the tack sales in Jan. Already tired of polishing things. May have more than i can fit in the truck to take! Ha ha

The young horse at the trainer is doing well, getting acclimated to a lively barn. Much more going on there than we do. All good in developing acceptance. No more eye rolling at the racing dogs, chickens fluttering thru the stall bars. Getting smoother under saddle with regular work. I told trainer I wanted horse so anyone can handle her and it seems to be going well. I did get a Christmas photo of horse modeling gloves on her ears, sleigh bell necklace, posing as a reindeer!

Things are just settling in for winter, doing the little stuff, projects. Have a crate of halters, some harness, needing to go to the harness repair shop. Trying to collect all the stuff to only make one trip dropping them off. Cleaning the upstairs room, I dragged a bag of harness down to move out to the tack room. Husband opened the large bag, says “Where dId this come from?” Neither of us recognize the pieces or remember buying them!! It is nice stuff, russet leather breastcollars, several nice driving bridles, will all fit our horses, but still a surprise. He wiped things down, conditioned it, hauled it out to the tack room.

On the good side, lots of hay in the barns, most tractors and spreader starting and working well. No frozen hoses! Got the middle room cleaned and painted. Sure brightened things up! Have to rehang the pictures, set out a FEW knick-knacks to get it back to normal. Fixed some chew marks the puppies surprised me with. Invisible beneath the paint now!

Hoping to get some ground work done even if too cold to drive. Barnyard in front is pretty open after the trailer swap, excellent place to long line.

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You & @Foxglove are the Energizer Bunnies & I can’t even claim Age for my sloth, since we’re all “of an age” :expressionless:
We came out of the deepfreeze here this week, but the sunless chill (even in the 50s) sucked any energy I had for doing more than feeding horses (& chickens) & minor stall picking.
Blankets went on when windchills were -30F, came off when daytime temps hit teens.
Everyone is fat & furry :ok_hand:
Horses are still spending most of their time Out, as evidenced by the # of piles picked from stalls.
Their choice 🤷
Club Prez talked about driving while it was halfway decent, but that does not appeal to me, even as a passenger :smirk:
The closest I’ve come to housecleaning is wiping cat footprints off the DR & coffee tables.
Though I am doing laundry today, so… :innocent:

Club plans on visiting Weststar Carriage in January & possibly the Studebaker Museum in February.
Otherwise we’re hibernating.


@2DogsFarm --I am still pretty much on house arrest (shoulder surgery 11/1), but getting some long overdue project done here --finished three paintings (third is drying) --and now have started a project that has been on my list for SEVEN YEARS! I am neatly labeling and filing my short stories and articles from when I was a freelance writer (for 20+ years but last article was published 7 years ago). I stopped writing when the market dried up --everything went on-line and no more money to be made as everyone was writing for free and posting to the web. I am CONSIDERING putting my 25 short stories together (all published, a few won fiction awards, all about horses) and trying for an ebook --lots to learn about that --might ultimately get something ready for Kindle or Amazon . . .but again, that’s something I have never done. I would likely have to retype and reformat what is mostly in hard copy. Considering jobbing out the retyping --remember the days when there were cards on college bulletin boards offering to type for so much a page? That’s what I need. But one step at a time. Just organizing the stories and putting them into folders is step one. I am about 1/2 done. Many were still in the magazines that printed them --so need to cut out . . .but it is indoor work I can do pretty much one handed sitting by the fire. After that --well, I have the genealogy folders —not as many and not as fun --but lots of birth and death certificates, draft cards, marriage licenses to file under names.

Why? Not sure, but something that if I don’t do it, it won’t get done. Maybe someone some day will appreciate my work.

LOL --a few years ago, my kiddo sent me a link to COTH (I don’t think I was on the bb yet) someone had put on one of my horsey Christmas short stories --with NO attribution to ME ! I let the poster know that that was ok to reprint any of my stories, but please let people know they were by ME! That’s happened a few times since, different boards –

And --the local 4-H Saddle Club has now put ON LINE the “4-H Saddle Club Handbook” I wrote probably 25 years ago to help out my DD and her friends know how to plan their horses care and training from January until the 4-H fair – a little something to do each month --over the 32 years I was involved in the local 4-H saddle club (daughters then grandkid), I picked up a few tips. Nice to see that knowledge is still useful.

Anyway, I’m keeping busy --should be able to ride for real after January 13 --hoping to get to the hunt club then, weather permitting.

Happy New Year


@Foxglove Sign me up for your book(s), however you put it out. :grin:
A friend self-published years ago, but I agree e-book is the way these days.

@Foxglove & @goodhors
Club visit to Weststar is Saturday 1/21 & you’d both be welcome to join us.
We’ll be at Weststar by 10A your time.
Lunch after in Napanee @ Hunters Hideaway.

& My laundry is now in the dryer
End of my efforts for today :laughing:

When do we get to see it? :smiley:

I hope you will post updates on this as I need to do very much the same thing but the thought of it is more exhausting than the actual doing would be. I empathize with you on the need for a typist! Good luck with your project!

Step one was buying folders and labels. Step two was typing a sheet of labels and printing them off. Step three is putting articles and stories into folders. That’s where I am now --about half done. More later …

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You are inspiring me …

@Rackonteur Sorry, I can’t seem to move the picture to here, for viewing. I told the Trainer she needed to use bigger gloves. The pair on mare’s (large) ears only come halfway down!

@Foxglove You reminded me to get new file folders for 2023. I try to use a single new color folder each year for the various catagories. This year will have red folders. I have lots of tape left from last year when I “reorganized” our filing system. SO MANY FILES!! It is now easier to find stuff. I am trying to file receipts as I clean out my purse, instead of letting them pile up.

Horses caked in mud after rain Friday. The blanketed one has a filthy neck, blanket is stiff, but mud shakes off by morning to put back on him. Dogs are bringing in a lot of topsoil, but no use washing them until the ground freezes. Maybe I will wash the cats tomorrow!

Tractors are starting well, no mud trenches on the way to spreading bedding each day. It is a good day!

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