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Jack Russell Terrier stays by dead owner's side for months, CO mountains

Amazing story today about a hiker who became disoriented and died of hypothermia (they think). Mountains of Colorado. After months had passed, a hunter found his body. His very good dog Finney had somehow survived and was by his side when found. Finney has been reunited with her family. Incredible!

Gift link to Washington Post article:


RIP ~ Mr. Moore ~ knowing your “Finney” has been taken home to her family ~

Good, brave girl “Finney” glad you’ve been found and reunited with your family ~


I posted that in another topic. Quite a story

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What was the dog eating during this time? No - you don’t have to answer that.

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Someone in the comments on the WaPo article suggested small rodents, as Jack Russells are good hunters? I was curious about water, but there must have been a stream or something.


Anytime we’ve been in the mountains the mice and other small rodents aren’t super dog savvy, though they did say the dog had lost a lot of weight. This story got to me, sad for them both.


What an incredible story. I’m so sorry for the man and his family, but what a loyal survivor that dog is.

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My Dad had a Jack. They are lethal. Nothing lived in his back yard without this dog’s permission. She didn’t eat my cats when I left them there while on deployment, but she considered it.