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Jacksonville Fl h/j training and board

Hey everyone! Making a post in case I missed anything in my search.

Moving to Jax, specifically Murray Hill. Looking for a place to bring my project horse for training and board. He’s a HJ type, but needs a lot more work before I list him.

Important things I’m looking for:

  • trainer who is great with true young horses as I will need training rides and lessons. He’s super green
  • private turnout. He does not play well with others, even over the fence.
  • good care, and facilities with good footing.
  • within an hour of Murray hill.
  • I’m hoping to be under 2k a month, but moving back to fl from out of state I’m surprised at the prices in even northern fl :upside_down_face:

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

One of my barn mates has just moved from Canada to Jacksonville (she lives in St Augustine) and is at M&M Hunters and Jumpers. I have no idea about cost, but she’s very happy, has met some lovely amateur riders, and really likes the trainer (is actually leasing one of her young horse)! Might be a good start? She sent us a video of the place and it looks like lots of turnout space!

Murray Hill is on the west side of Jax, one neighborhood west from where the Allman Brothers and Lynard Skynard bands started.

Contact Kelley Sheffield at Matanzas Farm