Jenn Holling clinic, what to know?

Hi! I’m doing a clinic with Jenn Holling this weekend, at the recommendation of one of my trainers. I’m riding my young horse and doing Dressage one day and pole work the next.

I’m also not an eventer, mostly a dressage rider who jumps occasionally lol.

I would love to hear what to expect from her teaching style and if there’s anything I should know going in. I suspect that it will be good for us since my trainer is recommending it!

There was a great RideIQ podcast (InStride, it’s free) where Sinead Halpin interviews Jenn Holling. It’s worth a listen!


Oh awesome, I will take a listen. Thank you!

Well just for anyone else ever interested, day one went great. I found Jenn to be very enthusiastic, funny but tough. She honed in on my position which I always love when someone has something to add to make that even better. She was understanding of my young horse and his one big young horse moment.

Today was dressage, tomorrow we do poles.