Jeremy Steinberg Clinic Opening - HIPICO - 10/30-10/31

I signed up for this clinic but unfortunately cannot attend due to my horse getting injured this past weekend. The clinic is happening at HIPICO in Santa Fe on 10/30 - 10/31 and includes two 50 min lessons along with breakfast / lunch each day and a riders dinner with Jeremy at a local barn Saturday night. If you are interested, please PM me for more details.

I am beyond disappointed but hoping somebody will want to take advantage of this opportunity and attend in my place!

If I wasn’t going to be out of town those days, I would absolutely take the spots. Jeremy is a fantastic clinician. Best of luck filling the spots. I’m sorry you can’t go, hope your horse heals quickly.

OMG Steinberg and New Mexico are two of my favorite things.

Did you find someone to take your spot? If not, you could try posting it in the Colorado Horse Forum on FB. There are a lot of dressage riders in the group.

The spot was just filled this morning, which is great news. Thanks for the recommendation though!

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