Jessica Wisdom as a clinician

I was recently offered a spot in a clinic with Jessica Wisdom. I have watched her online for years and was able to audit a little bit of her clinic 2 years ago. But the rides I was able to watch were two upper level rides And I believe one amateur rider that was newer to dressage.

I don’t think taking my young horse this time will work, just for the fact that he is rehabbing from a stifle injury and I don’t want to push it. And I don’t even have a saddle for him lol

But I could take a friend’s horse who is also greener in dressage (training level mostly.)

I just wanted to see if anybody had ridden with her and what they had to say about it. I know I really like her as a rider and she seems like a fair coach. But I’m not in my most tip-top shape and will either be riding my friend’s horse or my very green horse. Probably the former. Just trying to decide if this is a dumb idea and if I should pass the right on to someone else or not.

I’ve ridden in other clinics on horse’s I barely knew before and it’s always been fine but I just worry about looking like an idiot one of these days!

Adding that I’ve been riding for 24 years or so. And have been in on and after dressage lessons for the last 15 years. But I’m far from show polished and probably always will be! My focus is just the training since I’m a mother and don’t really have the time to devote to showing right now my life.

I would go. I watched her as she was starting upward in my region. Her young horses were always beautifully started.


She’s a Lovely rider! I would let her sit on my horse in a heartbeat for sure.

She is also very kind. I was impressed when she came up to me at a show and asked if my horse was X. She had trained him a while and remembered him. She complimented my work with him. If she put the ground manners on him, she did a sterling job


Back before she had a business partner (this was probably 6-ish years ago now), I did a similar thing - rode a green horse owned by someone else in a clinic with her. I had only ridden the horse a couple times beforehand and was asked to ride it in the clinic. I did not feel it was a valuable experience for the cost - I just didn’t get anything out of it.

However, most everyone I know that rides with her currently on their own horses (so, established partnerships with things to work on), have good things to say. I’m open to trying again one day when I can take my own horse.

Can you expand on why you felt you didn’t get anything out of it? Is that because you just don’t feel like you would get much out of riding a horse that isn’t yours in any clinic or specifically with Jessica? I’ve ridden tons of other people’s horses in clinics and usually still found it helpful. Although it definitely is a different thing to get feedback on your actual own partner for sure.

I will PM you.

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@Heinz_57 also would love to know kind of where you are in your dressage journey or at that time.

I’ve played at the Second level/schooled some third but with both horses it’s training level right now.
Which is a little less earth shattering as far as what you can get out of the clinic. Ha ha. But I still think it’s a good experience for myself.

Thank you! I will appreciate that. :slight_smile:

Your new horse has a stifle injury??? Ufff sorry to hear that.

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Since clinic rides are often multiple times the cost of regular lessons, I tend to think of it in terms of cost benefit. I really wouldn’t worry about going out and being embarrassed, or having the idea that you are wasting the clinician’s time or whatever.

Earlier this year a clinician was scheduled and it was $500 for the weekend (not sure if that was 2 rides or 3) and I can get like 6 lessons with my regular instructor for that price. If I felt like I needed fresh eyes because we were at a sticking point or something, I might pay it, but when I’m already making steady progress and getting help with any problems I’m encountering, I just don’t see it as being worth the money. If it’s not an issue of spending the money on a clinic instead of additional lessons with the main coach though, then why not.

Also if it was someone else’s green horse, I might ask them to pay part of the clinic fee as they would be benefitting from the training insight as well.

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Minor, from the mud in spring. He’s actually doing really good now but we are still taking it easy and being careful. It definitely was a bummer. Rough summer for a bit but things are really looking up now :slight_smile:

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For sure. I actually try to do one clinic be a year. I suffer horrible performance anxiety and it’s a way to work on that. Plus I get good advice. So far it’s only been helpful. Worth the money? Well that’s all relative ha ha. I don’t shop or spend my money on things that most people do. It’s vet bills, lessons and clinics ha ha.

I’ve always wanted to ride with her but timing never seems perfect of course.


Well it is probably worth it to see if you enjoy the experience and want to do it again later.

I tend to be most interested in clinicians that come a few times a year so there is a bit of continuity, but then there are those rare chances that I would also jump on if they came up…

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Luckily she comes a few times a year so there might be more opportunities if I like her. But this is my first invite to the clinic.


I agree with outerbanks. I dont understand the role of the “star” clinician who comes once or once a year.

Having a clinician you check in quarterly with is a more effective process. Personally I would hope my trainer is also in this clinicians sphere and could be on the same page as far as process, but that would not be a deal breaker.

I wish, in my current sport, there was a regular master opportunity where I could benefit from a new pair of eyes. It may become a situation where I travel to the trainer.

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She comes pretty regularly! More than most around here!

Mostly I’ve ridden with more local types. Not “stars” really but just good horseman.

Why not go watch a few lessons before you spend money on a clinic?

When I was horse shopping I found her partner Kenton Wright to be fabulously helpful, charming and professional. Jessica didn’t have a lot of time for me. I do know a few people who have horses from them and they are delighted with them.


Sorry I wasn’t clear, I have seen teach before. She comes pretty regularly but this is the first time I’ve been offered a spot. From what I’ve seen she seems fair but firm. And as a lovely rider that brings up a lot of young horses. Seems like a stickler for correctness too.

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