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Jim Graham Clinic @ Hoosier Horse Park in Indiana June 28th & 29th

International event rider & sought-after clinician Jim Graham will be visiting the Hoosier state this June for the 2014 IEA Sponsored Clinic. Jim has been eventing for 30+ years and has proven to be a successful rider and teacher. He was a member of the 1994 Hague World Equestrian Games 3-Day Team and has represented the US at numerous international events including Burghley and Rolex Kentucky CCI**** and CCI***, Punchestown CCI***, Fairhill CCI*** and Checkmate CCI***. In addition, Jim is a US Pony Club A Graduate, past US Equestrian Team Selector, an FEI “I” Judge, and USEF “R” Judge & Technical Delegate, and past USEA Young Rider’s coach for Areas II, III & IV. He has trained with Mark Phillips, Jimmy Wofford, Jack LeGoff, Bruce Davidson Sr., Tad Coffin & Lars Sedarholm. He is known for his ability to teach both horse and rider with his time-tested approach and theory.

Cost: $225 IEA Members/$275 Non-Members
Stabling: $15/night Haul-ins: $5/day

Closing Date for Entries: June 14th.

If you’d like an entry form, please PM me!

Cancellation spots must be filled for a refund. SPACE IS LIMITED (small groups!). Electric hook-ups (through the park): $16/night.

That’s too far for me, alas, but for anyone closer…

Do It Do It Do It!!

He is a fantastic teacher, kind and sympathetic but will not just pat you on the head if he thinks you can do more or better. You really do get your money’s worth :slight_smile:

Bumping. We still have several spots available that need to be filled. I know there is a lot going on this weekend in the area, but this is a fabulous chance to ride with Jim!

Entry form is available at the IEA website and you can join IEA to receive the discount if you’d like (many other wonderful benefits of being a member!). Simply mark the date you sent your membership in on the form and I will check with the membership chair after closing for the clinic to confirm.

I’m going. I love how IEA has these clinics and subsidizes the costs so not as expensive!


If you are ponygrandma’s daughter, then I sent you a PM on Facebook.

Originally, I thought to bring Tess, but had second thoughts, since I will be coming alone. Now, I think Piper might be ready. She went really well at the KHP last Saturday, riding with Cathy W.

Since I cannot read PM’s on here, I did the Facebook thing. I will send an email, too.

Yes, Auburn it is me :slight_smile: I just sent you a reply.

COTHers, please spread the word about the clinic if you can! So far, entries are lower than expected and as both a co-organizer and rider in the clinic, I’d really like for more entries to come in so that this can take place! I haven’t ridden with Jim before, but I’ve heard nothing but the best about his teaching and can’t wait to experience his wisdom myself.

I wish I was closer!! Anyone in the area…GO! Jim is AWESOME!! Took a lesson when he was in AZ when the USEA convention was here after watching a clinic he gave…loved it! Would ride again with him in a heartbeat…and I am one who doesn’t usually do clinics. He so obviously loves to teach…

Thanks azeventer! Wish you were closer too!

We have about 5 spots we need to fill - spots open at all levels from S/BN to P. I’ve got my fingers crossed for all the remaining entries to come through my door this week… :slight_smile: