Jingles for Duncan

Yay! That’s great news! Continued jingles!

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Love this update ! Thank you !


Oh I can get one tonight of the “prisoner.”

He’s still peeing - good sized lumps but not as much as I would like. He is so funny. I let him out this morning and he was happy to scurry about and enjoy my breakfast vicariously. (He gets to lick the butter off the plate.) When I had to leave for work, I told him to go into his bathroom and he went in and threw himself down on his little bed and was glowering at me. Mr Drama what can I say. lol


I think they all must take a class on how to do that disgusted look. There is so much going on in those little heads. He sounds like a real personality. Looking forward to the picture. :kissing_heart:

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Checking in on Duncan, with continued jingles!

Duncan nearly lost his life last night. And not for what you think…

I got home and I swear I had not been in the house for more than a minute and he pissed all over the head of my bed. Walked in, set my stuff down, walked past bathroom, let him out, went in bedroom, had pants half off and he runs in, jumps on the bed and pisses about a gallon all over the head of the bed. The sheets, pillows, quilt, mattress pad and mattress - all soaked. Yeah, just what I want to do at 11p at night after a long and utterly crappy day at work - change and wash sheets and turn the mattress. So mad at him, he spent the entire night in the bathroom where I dumped him. Jerk.

So I guess he is better. Thanks, Duncan. There WAS a better way to let me know.


I know you’re upset but yay, he’s peeing. Yahoo!


Wouldn’t you love to know what goes on in their little heads sometimes?

Or maybe it would just make us fear for our lives! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’m glad Duncan feels better! I’m sorry about the extracurricular peeing. I suppose he was looking for a soft spot, but, yikes! Was your bedding salvageable? New pillow, perhaps? Crazy fur bearing varmints.

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OMG, that stinker! Sounds like my Munchers, but he does it just because he hates me. I’m sure Duncan doesn’t hate you (though he might be tired of the special food, the subQ’s, etc. . . .). I’d have to ditch the entire lot and start over with a new mattress, etc.

How did his vet visit go?

He has been given a (relatively) clean bill of health. Vet advises that the frequent peeing may go on for awhile til his bladder calms down a bit more. She did note that his bladder did seem a bit larger than it should have been but she put that down to what he recently went thru and we are just going to keep an eye on it. She said that she could barely hear his murmur today and that made her happy. I told her about the Bad Cat Pee trick and she got a good laugh.

He’s a character that’s for sure. On the way over to the office we hit a very bumpy patch of roadway and he protested a bit and when I said “Sorry, buddy, i know it’s rough,” he gave me this huge open mouth hiss! oh dear my apologies your majesty! lol

Thank god it was all salvageable. Sheets and pillows were washed and the mattress was doused in Febreze and turned. The head board got sprayed with Febreze as well and wiped down several times.
But still…not what I had envisioned doing on coming home. And what got me was the whole time I’m trying to hop towards him on one leg and pull my pants off the rest of the way and screaming “No no bad kitty you stop that I’ll kill you don’t you dare, etc etc” and he was just whizzing away and looking right at me like whachu gon’ do? When I got within arms reach of him, THEN he ran. Butthead.

He’s so happy to be out of prison. At bedtime he runs in and hops up on my bed and snugs up with me under the quilt. Purr purr purr…


If you find that the smell comes back, I recommend an enzyme cleaner for your mattress. You’ll need to douse it thoroughly and ensure that it stays damp for as long as possible (several days if possible) to let the enzymes do their job.

I use this version and love it, but as long as it’s an enzymatic cleaner, it should work.

Ask me how I know all of this… :wink:



Glad Himself is better & feeling good enough to Read you with that critique of your driving! :pouting_cat::snake:

A shelter once told me commercial douche will take away the smell from a male spraying.
Any “flavor” except vinegar & water.
I’ve used it on carpeting & hardwood, seems to work great.

My little Bounce let me know a change in litter was Wrong the same as Duncan.
Jumped in bed near my head - as was his habit - & let go! :sweat_drops:


Love the commentary and critique they feel they are entitled to give. lol

He snugged up under the covers again last night and stayed there completely zonked and tired all night. I was happy to have him there - he is THE best kitty to sleep with.

Today is his first day “out” so I hope he behaves so everyone send Don’t You Dare Vibes to him! :grinning:


I can’t wait to get a new mattress, I will probably get some funny looks when they haul this one away. But that’s not for awhile…no more $$$

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Waterproof mattress covers are wonderful and inexpensive :smiley:

Glad to see Duncan is better :slight_smile:


Between cats, rabbits, and people, my own experience and secondhand stories, I keep waterproof covers on all of my beds. It hasn’t been necessary in years, but who knows when some sort of accident will happen? If you put a plush mattress pad over, nobody knows even a cheap vinyl one is there, though I generally use nicer ones.

And yay for Duncan’s recovery!


This *


When one of my senior cats started peeing on the couch, I bought waterproof covers/blankets from Amazon. I had to wash them lot but I didn’t have to worry about it soaking through.

That cat passed away but I still use the covers in case of barf. :smirk_cat:


I got some bed protectors from the last hospital I worked and got an armload of them And have them all over the house. The waterproof mattress pad is next. My house - less for me, more for the cats. I just live there and serve them. lol