Jockey strike in Scandinavia

Jockey strike in Scandinavia. Jockeys aren’t allowed to use the whip, change grip on the reins. The hands have to stay on the horse’s neck the whole race, so stupid. The rules were changed without speaking to the jockeys. Not to mention that Norway have held races without a whip for years. And the whip have only been allowed to be used for correction on 2yos and in jumps races in Sweden and Denmark. Bro Park on Wednesday, Övrevoll on Thursday and Jägersro on Sunday won’t race if they don’t change the rules now.

Jockey strike (Article in Danish)

Winner was disqualified Nr 3 red cap, blue silks. Klampenborg Saturday April 16th. Click on the play button to see the race. Moved to 2nd place :woman_facepalming:

So they removed the rule that the jockey need to have their hands on the horse’s neck the whole race. Looks like they want to race.