John Deere Gator is dead Needs a successor

Good day everyone, needing help with a departed piece of essential equipment. I have a horse farm with 32 horses and we have had two John Deere Gators over the last 20 years. The first one lasted 15 years, and our current, second one, lasted less than five. When we got the new Gator, it was clear that the workmanship and vehicle quality was not what it used to be. It is not even quite paid for yet! Nothing but problems, and now it needs a new motor which is over $5k. Not going to do that! The Gator’s parking brake also died about one month after the 2 yr warranty ran out, as did the front end differential. Lots of costly headaches, I am so done with John Deere! I am in the market for a new farm utility vehicle, and many of the COTH forums on this topic are old, so looking for some updated reviews. Of most interest is farm utility vehicle reliability and frequency of repairs/breakdowns. Golf carts likely are not enough for us with our seasonal mud issues. Core needs are 4 wheel drive and a nice dump bed to haul small hay bales. So far in the running are Honda, Kubota, but we are open to other lesser known brands such as Toro, New Holland Rustler, and others. Not sure about Kawasaki or Polaris, have heard mixed reviews on those. We have access to many dealers in our area, so can go in just about any direction with this. Thanks for your honest assessments!

My neighbor bought a new Kubota UTV, diesel. He doesn’t work it hard but really likes it. He went all out with the full cab, in-cab heating, and other accessories. So far no issues but it’s still pretty new so can’t speak to longevity.

I will cry when our Polaris ranger dies

Having had three Gators in the past and then giving up on those, I moved to a Polaris Ranger. Couldn’t be any happier with it! Going on 12 years with it now, and love my Ranger.