Joint or Muscle?

After very little riding for several years, I’ve had a home raised warmblood with a pro trainer for several months, recently my 1st ride on him suffered severe pain in the left hip at posting trot and had to bale off, but once off was fine. I have slight occasional discomfort in my hips, but not constant, and not really painful. The horse is very wide and saddle had a wide twist, was it just a muscle cramp or do i have a hip joint problem? I’m legal retirement age.

This happens to me on occasion, 27 years old, been riding almost my entire life. I end up having to get off or drop my stirrup and close my hip. I 100% believe it’s tension and saddle fit. I found Callie King’s program HorseClass, which has a ton of ground warm up exercises, has been super beneficial for me.

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Wildgoosechase, thank you, I’ll try some warm-up and stretching exercises before getting on again.

I have hip issues (diagnosed hip impingement) that occasionally rears its head while riding. It’s not something I can just push through as it feels like my hip gets “stuck”.

Worked with an ortho doctor and now have PT that I do twice a week or so that seems to hold off the attacks for the most part. PT is really simple and only takes about 15 minutes, but strengthens the muscles that support my hips and seems to do the trick for now. May be worth looking into some exercises that do the same for you.