Joint Protection - Oral Supplements

I know supplements are brought up with relative frequency but curious to hear if there are any new products on the market or lesser known ones to consider.

Our schnauzer is 10 this year so far from old by small dog standards but he’s mildly dysplastic in the right hip and lately I’ve noticed 5-10 ouch steps with his front right when he gets up after a long sleep. I’m planning on a shoulder and elbow x-ray at his next visit but this feels arthritic rather than anything acute. He’s the best boy ever and I would love to see him as active and comfortable for as long as possible.

He’s been on Glycoflex III since he was 5 years old but I feel like it is time to step it up. The ones below are what I found in old searches. If you used any of the below, what made you choose one over the other? Anyone go the loading adequan dose instead?


Have used several on your list but at this time we’re doing Cosaquin DS, and on days of obvious discomfort from too vigorous hiking I use 100X pure hyaluronic Acid because it relieves pain
very quickly- within 1/2 to 1 hour.
She’s also on Nutri-Vet Senior Vite w/ minerals.
From past experience we switch around as some things only help for so long.
Adequan was great for 3 weeks on my last dog but then waned.

I’ve always had good luck with a combo of cosequin & carprofen.
My dogs are hard living dogs & use themselves to their fullest LOL.

I have always started the cosequin by about 5-6 years old & then add in the carprofen once they seem to need it… typically around age 8-10.
I start the carprofen on a low dose, upping as needed.
When those two things don’t seem to be quite up to the task, I’ll add in tramadol or gabby for the dogs that tram doesn’t work on.

For example… my current old dog is 14.
She’s been on cosequin for about 7 years, carprofen for about 4 years & we just added tramadol this week.

Hope that helps.

I had the same question for my vet. She suggested for my Boxers that Dasequin is a step up from Cosequin. I have shifted to that and think they do feel a bit better. My young boy is on it for life because he came to me with a fracture repair and I figure it can’t hurt. My ten year old bitch (she wears that badge proudly) is also on caprofen. I didn’t want to overdo the meds but she is much improved since we started it three months ago. Both also get duralactin, which I believe to have a different action that Dasequin. I get supplements from Amazon and caprofen from my clinic. Did Adequan for my girl but she had a weird reaction - the vet wasn’t convinced it was the adequan but I had no other explanation for it.

I’ve been happy with Cosequin DS (from Chewy). Add Adequan once a year (the 7 shots 4 days apart) and a Previcox for “stiff days”.

I started my unknown-age-but-at-least 12+ senior cattle dog on Dasuquin w/ MSM and an Omega-3 supplement (Nordic Naturals) exactly 6-months ago. This has made a tremendous difference for her!

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