JRD vs Stubben Custom Saddle

Hi All!

I have a very tricky to fit, high withered, big shouldered TB.

What are you experiences with custom JRD vs custom Subben saddles?

I know my horse needs front gussets. Is this something Stubben offers?

I attended a presentation (sales pitch) with JRD a couple years ago. Saddles looked nicely made and he seems to have a good story. That said, he is pretty much a one-man band, located in California. So if you are in Florida, not sure I’d even think about a JRD. Google JRD saddles; there was a thread a couple years ago and service reviews are very mixed.

Do NOT order from Stubben! If there is any issue with the fit of the saddle that you purchased they will not stand behind their product or offer any customer service. I purchased a Euphoria from them based on their rep’s recommendations, have ridden in it three times, and it does not fit right. Stubben’s response so far has been that since I had paid for it, it is my problem. I would not recommend purchasing directly from them to anyone.

Ok… sorry you had a bad experience with a Stubben rep. but I did buy and would buy again without question.

Why did you buy a saddle without riding in it first? 3 times is NOT enough to know if something fits or not… and generally they need the flocking adjusted… although I’m not sure that model isn’t foam. Did you actually HAVE a fitter out? or just buy it from a rep?

Sorry for the hijack OP. Yes… a Stubben will fit such a TB. I have the Genesis CL with short points and half panels. It is wool flocked. Not all saddle fitters are equal. Some are very bad. Some do not even ride.

My trainer friend in Florida has been dealing with JRD for a while now and absolutely loves the saddles and the customer service. He had been working with Custom Saddlery, but the service went downhill. The horses he has in the JRDs are moving better than before, doing great!

for what it is worth I bought a used, early model JRD and LOVED it. As far as saddles that fit me, it was the best. Unfortunately, it does not fit my current horse, so I had to get a dresch, but I still held on to my JRD since it fit my pelvis/hip/leg so well. I do think that resale on JRD is harder than a Stubben since Stubbed is a better known brand, and just about all JRDs are custom.