Judge saddle fit on me?

Sorry for the not the best p![](ctures! What do you think off the fit of this saddle on me? I’m meeting with my trainer tomorrow but I want a few more opinions on it:) if you flip through the album there 4 more pictures of me riding in it, I tried freezing it at different times in my movements haha! I know they’re not the best angles but can you do with what you have?


I can’t tell a whole lot from the pictures, but in the first picture it looks fine! You’ve got about four fingers width of leather behind your booty, and your knee falls well on th knee flap. Your hand covers the pommel, but it doesn’t look like it’s too small so I’m sure you’re not spilling over it. I don’t see any glaring issues. (Then again, I haven’t looked at saddle fit in a couple years so you may want another opinion :wink:

If you ride with the long stirrup then I think it looks a little big but the fit for the rider is very subjective. If you feel good then fine. Hands behind the behind measurement are not really relied on much as there are so many variables. Granted, you don’t want to look like you are sitting up or over the cantle. I would be concerned that since your knee is far from the block and “sweet spot” on the flap that you would not have the support of either when jumping. If you do shorten your stirrups a fair amount then it might be fine.