Judging eyebrows? Please tell me this is an April fools in November

I just read this. https://horsenetwork.com/2022/11/eyebrow-game-now-included-in-judging-criteria-for-2023-showmanship-and-in-hand-classes/

It’s a joke right? Has to be a joke.

Yes, it’s a joke. It’s a humor column.

ETA: Her other articles: https://horsenetwork.com/topic/horse-play/satire/

Pssst! It’s in the satire section. :smile:

Some very funny stuff there!


Oh, thank God!

Ever since I read a discussion about one competitors make up being the factor that the judge used to decide placings in a tight class I have been wary…

I thought the way it was written, brilliantly, it was a satire, but you never can be sure these days.

Thank you for allowing me to breathe, call myself an idiot for not “getting it” and moving on.

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Shame this one wasn’t funny, or maybe I’m suffering from a lack of sense of humour lately. Too much stress, not enough sleep…like anyone can see your eyebrows under a cowboy hat.


I read some of it and I didn’t realize it was a humorous column either :neutral_face:

I guess it could be taken as a good suggestion if the one showing is blessed with that one continuous eyebrow that spans both eyes and in between?