Jump question: Catalpa 2019 if anyone is interested

So in 2019, jump 10 was a log with brush. No biggie. The water, a good distance from jump 10 was also jump 10, not “B” but 10. Jump 11 was on the other side of the water but you could enter the water at other points outside of the flags and make jump 11 a few short strides out of the water. So if I decide to jump the log with brush as jump 10, I have to go thru the unflagged part of the water to get to 11? I never noticed this in 2019 but we ended with a fat E well before this jump. This is on XC Course Walks on Facebook if anyone is interested.

It’s hard to see where the non-water jump 10 is in relation to jump 11 to be able to tell what the line is. But, also, if it is an option (you can jump either #10), they should be flagged differently. There should be a black line under the number to indicate it’s an option. Rule EV140.2d.

Do you actually remember that (non-water) jump #10 from the course? Is it possible someone just accidentally included an extra picture in their post?

They are showing a pic of each jump and there are 2 jump 10’s. Let me go look for a line.

No line. The water jump 10 is shared with BN.

Yeah, I looked at the FB pictures and there was nothing to me that indicated it was an option. I also couldn’t see the non-water fence 10 in any of the other pictures so couldn’t tell where it was relevant to Fence 11 (to be able to tell what path you would have to take to get it from it to Fence 11). That’s why I wondered if it was somehow just a mistake by the person posting the pictures on FB.

There was an error in numbering prior to the show-these pictures were taken before it was corrected. The correct course map is available on MyCourseWalk - Jump 10 was the “t bone” (log with brush), Jump 11 was the water runthrough, and jump 12 is the Kissing Fish.


Can someone link the video here?

Thanks for clearing that up!

I don’t know of a video? There’s a series of pictures of the course on the FB XC Course walks page. It’s a private group, so I don’t know if the link will work: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1586049278364034/posts/2642624619373156/


Thank you!