Jump saddle for very long thigh ???

I’m only 5’5", but do have a very long thigh. I have and really enjoy my Schleese Eagle XC, but they are quite uncommon on the used market and Schleese no longer makes the model.

I love my Zaria but it will put you(g) in a chair seat. I don’t have a chair seat in any other saddle but this one. It doesn’t look good but I feel stable and fine in it. Love jumping in it, wish it actually fit my horse.

I’ve been riding in a BC Vinci for a few years now. It’s also a monoflap with a forward flap. No chair seat, and I have a longer leg. It originally was built for someone who was nearly 6ft tall.

What is causing the chair seat effect? The position of the stirrup bars?

I think so. It’s hard to put into words but when you first sit on a Zaria, it feels as if you are perched high above the horse and not actually on their back. Once the feeling settles, it feels very secure. I think it’s because the twist is quite broad (imho) and the stirrup angles placed a bit back while the flaps are very far forward. In modern forward flap monoflaps it’s genuinely difficult to not have a chair seat - the anatomy of these saddles practically enforces it.


My Black Country Quantum is honestly the first saddle I feel fits me well. Some of the others I tried were Pessoa, Harry Dabbs, and Smith Worthington. All of those were within my budget and had the long/forward flap options. Someone also recommended the Dover Circuit with the forward flap but I never tried that.
My BF is 6’ 4". I am 5’ 10" but my legs are longer than his!

I ordered a Grand Prix Olympic monoflap from Berney Bros in Ireland earlier this year. I am 5’9” with a longish femur. I love love love it. I like to ride with pretty short stirrups and my knee is in a good spot. My horse has a short back so increasing seat size was not an option. I feel like I can sit down into it but doesn’t give me a chair seat. I honestly feel like I could drop off the Leaf Pit in this saddle. I was using a Stubben Edelweiss before this saddle and I felt like my leg was too far in front of me.

I’m 5’10", also with longish thigh. I’m know riding in a Thorowgood, I believe T8. It’s partially synthetic, and probably not what you’re looking for, but maybe someone else is. :wink:

This is the first saddle I’ve ridden in that puts me in the right position, instead of me putting myself in the right position in spite of the saddle.

FWIW, I’m the one riding in the dressage saddle with the top of my boots getting caught on the bottom of the flaps. Someday a dressage saddle that actually fits.

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I know that was a Q for beowulf but IMEX the chair seat has been caused by a) stirrup bar too far forward in relation to seat b) long thigh pushing lower leg forwards c) rear of saddle too low. For rider position, tight thighs and hips, or a rider sitting on their pockets (defensively or not) can cause a chair seat. Or just being female and having a pelvis that isn’t working with the majority of saddles which are designed for male conformation

At the end of the day, I’m looking for a saddle with an adjustable stirrup bar, or one that’s already set back.

No, no, I was open to all opinions! Was watching my daughter (who inherited my freakish femurs) & thinking that we probably needed to get something with a different stirrup bar set because she was looking chair legged. It’s one of those things that I know it when I see it yet I’m not sure where or how I want the bars to be. Silly as that sounds!

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The older Ainsley Chesters are great for long femurs. Mine sadly does not fits my young horse, and I will be in the same boat shopping soon too.


This is worth a browse, https://www.middleburgtack.com/jumping

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I second the older Ainsley XC saddle choice - That saddle was the first time I could find a stable balanced 2 point when galloping (eerrr… cantering) around cross country!

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They’re local to me. Love them. Daughter sat in a CWD 2G5 with a 3C flap that seemed about darn near perfect there a few days ago. Now, if I just had $4k :scream:

If you can find an Ainsley that fits your horse… I third it. I loooooove my Ainsleys so much but neither of them fit my horse.

I can’t remember, Xanthoria, are you semi-local to me? I have 2 Ainsleys I’d loan out to if you want to try them. One is a 18" Ainsley Pro and the other is an older Ainsley, 16.5 but still fits me - so if you’re in the same dimensions as me may work.

Hey thanks! I’m still searching and a bit frustrated - and i’m in the SF Bay Area. If we’re neighbors let me know if I can try a saddle and the easiest way. Thank you very much!

I’m in MA , the other Bay Area… lol. If you ever come this way…

HAH! Oh well… thanks anyway! :smiley:

I am 6’ and have a 36" inseam. Flap fit is always a problem for me. This is why I absolutely LOVE my Bates Advanta. Not only does it easily adjust to work with my growing youngster it has an incredibly forward flap, the stirrup bar is adjustable, and the blocks rotate! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Well I’ve ordered a Bates Advanta and a Bates Victrix to try because they have adjustable stirrup bars. Had the Stubben rep and the Devocoux rep out and none of the saddles worked for me. Luckily horses is pretty easy to fit! Trying to get a County rep out… but feeling very discouraged by saddles right now! They are all making me feel like I’m in “the back seat” and my lower back gets tired from working to get out of these saddles, while my leg is out in front and I look like I’m almost crouching when I go past the mirrors.

Looking for an Ainsley or a Bruno Delgrange Partition 4x to try without ridiculous shipping costs too… I had sat in the latter on a trial horse and liked it.

Any other brands to try?