Jumper Divisions, Confused!

What are the jumper divisions? Do they have set divisions like the hunters do?(Childrens Hunter, Small Junior,etc) If not, what are they and there heights? Thanks!

In Canada it’s mostly by height and either open or jr/am. In the states I think they have high/low childrens, high/low juniors, high/low adults.

Here is Canada, but I suspect it will be similar in the US or any other countries.

Poney, Junior, Young rider, amateur, non-pro and open divisions.
There is also, the 4-5-6-7/8 yrs old horse divisions.

Divisons are also set by height as well, from (usually) 0.90m, 1m, 1.10m, 1.15m, 1.20m, 1.25m, 1.30, 1.35m, 1.40m, 1.50m, 1.60m

There are speed classes, ones with (immediate or not) jumps off and some with optimum time.

Am I forgetting something? :slight_smile:

Yes there are set divisions like hunters. As mentioned above, depending on the show you are at there can be open divisions from as low as .75 meters up to 1.45 meter or higher. Pony jumpers is typically 1.0-1.10 meters (3’-3’6"). I am not sure but I think you still need to be a junior to show a pony jumper like you do in pony hunters. In the Jr/Am realm, there can be low children/adult divisions at all of the speed bump heights, but usually the High Children/Adult is run at 1.10 meters (3’6"). Modified children/adult typically runs at 1.15 meters (3’9"). Again, depending on your region/show the Junior/Amateur Owner division can run anywhere from 1.20-1.40 meters. At most big shows the division is split into low and high Jr/AO, with the low usually in the 1.30 and the high in the 1.40 range. Mini-Prixs can also come in a variety of heights, but are usually open to juniors, amateurs, and professionals. Grand Prixs (not FEI) are also open classes and can range in height depending on the show, although Open National Standard must include:
(1) at least one double and one triple, two triples, or three doubles;
(2) at least two obstacles not less than 1.50 m (4’11")
(3) at least eleven obstacles at a minimum height of 1.40 m (4’7") and
(4) at least three spreads 1.50 m to 1.60 m (4’11" to 5’3"), in addition to any used in combinations.

There are also a variety of special classes, like gambler’s choice and classics. Classic’s are usually run at the same height as the division (for example children/adult classic is 1.10, modified classic at 1.15). There can also be any number of special open or jr/amateur classes at any given show.

Oh, and there is also a Young Jumper division, which I am not as familiar with but it is typically open to juniors, ams, and profs and height depends on age of the horse.