Jumper sire recommendations?

I’ve been a lurker on here for a while and it’s come my turn to ask some questions. I know some of you are very knowledgeable. Here’s the quandary: I am doing ET in the spring for a 2015 foal. I’m having difficulty making a selection. Help!

She is a Landkoenig x Fuerst Gotthard x Kalyspo mare. She is only 16 hands but she is solid. Lots of bone, big barrel, and a big stride. Pretty old-fashioned in type. No picture is necessary, she is the spitting image of her sire. She has a fabulous temperament, she’s very people-friendly and very trainable, but she is a powerful ride with an explosive jump so not what I would call exactly amateur friendly. She’s quite a nice mover, but not jaw-droppingly so.

I’d like to produce a foal that’s more modern in type, longer legged and more uphill. I’d prefer to stay away from hunters, and I’d pick a stallion currently standing in North America before one overseas, but I’m not opposed to it. Obviously I’d also like to stay Hanoverian but again, that’s not a requirement if the rest of the package suits. I don’t care about colour or chrome, or even size ultimately. I’m breeding purely for purpose. Suggestions much appreciated!

She sounds like an Edgar bred mare (Rainbow Equus Meadows) and he would be a great one to talk to. Pablito would be a good cross if you wanted to use one of his stallions.

She is Edgar bred! I actually did reach out to him a few days ago and am waiting on a reply. Incidentally I do like Pablito a lot. Thanks!

Seconding the love for Pablito! I have two mares by Pablo (whom I absolutely adore), and when I decide to breed, I have Rubignon in mind!

If you do go frozen, my choice would be Crespo. Leggy, tall, refined and nice characters. I have a Crespo colt here that is just a sweet heart and we sold a filly that was #1 in the nation. Maybe have to register KWPN, but might be able to Hanoverian too. I also like Pablo or Pablito, but Edgar would have the best input on those if they will add the height and improvements you ask for.


I don’t think Pablo is known for adding height, but Edgar will tell you. You will have to come back and report what you decided on. Good luck!