Jumper Stallion Suggestions

Looking for some guidance/suggestions for a stallion for my mare, hoping to breed within the next couple years

She’s a Quidams Rubin x Ramiro’s Son II x Drosselklang I

She’s a tall rectangular mare with a lot of size and length of leg, longer type but a strong back and top line - jumps super careful and powerful but lacks some technique, and good gaits. A bit of a late start and now 7, will jump a solid 1.30/35 at least

I’m hoping to refine her while adding scope and improve the canter to result in a 1.40+ horse

Her dam line is a good producer and she has 2 half brothers by hickstead that are 1.40+ horses that are nice and modern types (more what I am looking for) for reference

Been looking closely at Baltic VDL - love Etoloun but he is out of my price range! I’ve also read Dallas or Arezzo work well on a large mare - love Escape Z but have reservations about the Emeralds

When you said she had two good half brother’s by Hickstead I was going to recommend looking at Gallup WF but then I looked at the dam’s breeding again and realized that he was one of the brothers you were talking about! haha Lovely stallion, so I’m sure your mare is lovely too.

Do you know her FFS status?

I would personally be hesitant to double QDR so closely with the Baltic cross, but I know not everyone would have a problem with that. If it were a generation or two further back, I’d be more comfortable with it, but for me it is too close.

I really like Arezzo but from the offspring I have seen (the farm I was at in Europe had three home breds of various ages) he isn’t going to consistently modernize, although they were all lovely.

Have you considered Cellestial? I think he is often overlooked but everything I have ever seen by him has a fantastic front end and a very large % of his offspring have jumped 1.40+.

Conthargos might be a good option.

Keswick Equine distributes for Team Nijhof. Eldorado v/d Zeshoek or Grandorado could be worth looking at. I did hear that Eldorado frozen wasn’t great though but Grandorado is looking very promising and well represented in the 5 year old rankings with his offspring.

Andiamo Semilly is definitely up and coming and very well represented with five year old offspring in Europe. I’d expect him to add scope, modernize, and give a good canter, but depending on what technique you like, DdS might not be the way to go.

Solid Gold Z might be nice. He has been having a very successful year and the offspring I’ve seen have been lovely, modern types.

Some younger stallions I would look at, if you are open to less proven options:

  • Checkter
  • Chacfly, if you don’t mind some spice
  • Coros
  • Donthargos
  • Forlee