Jumper Stud suggestions for 2 TB mares

Hi everyone, first time poster here. I’m here looking for stud suggestions for my 2 Tb mares. Mare 1 is going to be bred 2021 definitely, but if I can’t resolve her sporadic “sound but not sound” issues will be breeding 2020. She’s my heart horse and a nicely made mare all in all, and she has a home with me for life but I would like a baby or two from her. Mare 2 is young yet and I’m hoping will be my big jumper in a couple years but want to have a contingency if something goes awry. I’ve done research on my own, but it’s tough to know just from stud websites who crosses well on Tb mares. Generally speaking I’m looking for studs that tend to improve on medium boned Tb mares, throw between 16.1hh-17hh, three good gaits, good scope but hardly needs to be a 1.60m jumper (I’m an ammy who has no real desire to go above 1.30m for as long as I live), good ride ability and mental stability, and can add a bit of bone and substance. I’ll be breeding to keep, but I would want to breed something marketable and ammy friendly just in case.

Mare 1: 16.1hh, medium boned, but very solid bodied. I’m a tall rider and she takes up my leg and height very well. Confirmed 3’ scope and I think has the scope to do 3’6” if I could successfully figure out and treat her on/off physical issues (she’s never truly lame, has an old stifle injury that flares now and again and holds tension in her back, vet is coming out again, sigh).

Pros: smooth and comfortable as can be, light in the mouth, balanced and has a good adjustable step. Nice square even kneed jumper. Great legs and angles and great feet. Clever and good ride ability, good natural eye for a distance.

Cons: She has what I lovingly refer to as a personality disorder. Some days she’s eager to work, and others she argues over a warm-up trot. Is just a bit quirky in general. Long through the back, and long through the neck. Although light on the bit she’s heavy on her shoulder and doesn’t like to sit and push from the hind. Tends to move long and flat and could use more suspension. Basically I’m looking for a stud that can add a bit of height, a bit of bone, a bit more “flash” to the movement, a touch of scope and a lot of work ethic and steadier mentality without sacrificing intelligence.

Mare 2: 17hh. Uphill, big boned, big bodied girl. Confirmed 3’6” scope with a lot of room for more. She’s young yet and we’re working on consistency over smaller jumps and the elusive “settle down and chill” factor.

Pros: Has all the work ethic in the world. Huge step, great canter, massive correct jump. Uphill and has a lot of swing and impulsion. Very sweet on the ground, and very willing under saddle, baby mare arguments aside. Solid thick boned legs, good hind legs, all over balanced. Good shoulder.

Cons: Straight through the pasterns in the front and her front feet are a work in progress as a result. A touch long backed for her frame imo and could use improvement on hip. Again she’s green, but she is HOT. She never raced but oh boy she thinks she ought to have. Again young, but something that would add a touch of quietness and a touch of ride ability would be ideal. She’s a whole lot of girl at 17hh and I think she probably will top out at 17.1hh so I don’t want anything that is going to add more size to her. Mostly looking to improve pasterns and shorten the back a touch. Again, I’m not really looking to breed her just her but I will be down the line and would appreciate suggestions/sire lines that would improve her.

Highly recommend Navarone (Jus de Pomme) for top ammy friendly, want to work characters that can jump to the highest left too. He has worked really well on TB mares. We also have lots of jumpers frozen from VDL that might go well, but for the Ammy Navarone is your guy. You can register them KWPN too. www.majesticgaits.com PM me and I’ll be glad to help further when you getting closer.

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Klondike Victory Farm has some lovely stallions www.kvf.ca

Jethro Tull is producing quiet minded, ammy friendly foals that are more of the hunter type, but with scope to jump the big stuff. Tacorde is a bit more of a blood type ride, incredible scope and passes on his incredible work ethic and heart to jump the jumps. Both add substance and bone without throwing too big, they pass on a great hind end, and a fabulous canter.

Gatsby checks all those boxes. He crosses very well on TBs, adds bone to lighter mares, adds height to smaller mares, has kids doing all kinds of things from Hunters to Jumpers to Eventing to Dressage, all with AOs.

He also will tone down the heavier mares, and won’t add height to the taller ones. In other words, he makes the foals look a lot like himself, regardless of the mare.

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Love Lord Adonis and Zorro on TB mares. Also had a very very nice Toronto foal out of a TB mare.

Thank you everyone for your suggestions ! It’s been a nightmarish few weeks since I posted, my 6 year old colicked severely and needed emergency surgery at New Bolton the last Monday in June. She had both a full 360 right colon twist and a small intestine twist, I’m happy to say she has been home for two weeks and is doing amazingly well, thank god. Had a lameness done on my chestnut mare just yesterday and turns out she has fairly severely kissing spine, which was a suspicion of mine. It likely was helped along by her now confirmed broken withers from rearing and flipping at the track. She will be going to surgery at New Bolton ASAP to try and alleviate her discomfort. Vet is confident we can get her back going pain free but definitely will be taking the time to look into everyone’s suggestions for studs as I do think she’ll be getting retired and bred sooner then later in the grand scheme of things. Since I won’t be riding either of my girls till late September I will have plenty of time to review everyone’s suggestions !

Question, anyone have experience with Banderas on Tb mares ? A few girls I follow on Instagram have new 2019 foals out of ottb mares by Banderas that look quite fancy, but it’s tough to predict how they’ll turn out in the long run so any knowledge on him would be much appreciated !