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Jumper trainers near NOVA


I am looking for advice on good jumper trainers in the northern Virginia area. I currently board at a barn that doesn’t have lessons, but I have my own trailer. I’m looking for a trainer who can take me to the next level. I’ve jumped around a few 3’6 courses but it’s not fluid. I want a trainer that can help me progress and take me to shows while not costing an arm and a leg. Also, I know a lot of trainers here winter in Ocala. Does anyone know of someone who is here all year? Any suggestions are appreciated.


Hi - I ride with Dorna Taintor in Waterford. She has a beautiful farm, takes ship-ins, and is here in the winter. She does a great job with the jumpers - feel free to PM me for more info.

I also recommend Dorna wholeheartedly!

Dorna has my vote too! Very nice person and trainer! Don’t have personal experience with her but have seen how well she and her students do and I would definitely recommend her!

Jenn Tirrell in Middleburg. She trains out of Locochee Farm. Google her she has a website. I’ve known her for the last 10 years…also ride with her!:tickled_pink:

Guy & Tiffany Cambria. They’ve got two farms - one with a lovely indoor and they’re here in the winter. Tiffany will usually spend a month in winter in Wellington, but Guy is here all winter. Let me know if you want their info.

It’s great to see so many positive reviews for one trainer! I’ll definitely give Donna a call. Thank you guys so much:D