Jumper trends?

this thread is regarding jumper trends, so to all the jumper riders out there that are caught up, what are the trends these days??!? I’ve always just don’t the minimum, regular stirrups, whatever boots I can afford, all just the regular stuff blah blah. Now I am seeing all these Jin stirrups, ogilvy half pads, and fancy stuff. Can someone catch me up on what’s happened and what’s going on? Also not just the tack, the rider stuff too!

The latest trend is going really fast and not knocking down rails. It was all the rage in Europe :slight_smile:

Clean neat tack and clothes are also nice

Ogilvy half pads
Monogram matching pads
A sparkly bonnet
A little bling or patent

Asking about jumper, hunter, and circuit trends seems to be really trendy right now!


Ogilvy & Ecogold.
Sammy Helmets
Monogramming everything.
Colorful collars on jackets.
Soft Shell Jackets.
Custom Boots.
Matching Baby Pads.
Bonnets that match everything else.
Shop Hunt Club.

Just look on twitter or at BN junior riders to see whats really “in” this month. There are also magazines out there that highlight all the trends and must haves.

Parlantis with brown tops here in europe. Surely designed to infuriate fox hunters :wink:

We can barely keep Hunt Club in stock! Custom bonnets are also big. . . Kastel Denmark or other Sun Shirts for days that jackets are waived.

I’d say fitted four button jackets with a little bit of pizzazz… maybe bling or contrasting colors, Ogilvy pads, Jin Stirrups, a matching bonnet.

I’ve seen a lot of the five-point breastplates, the ones eventers use for XC. Ear bonnets with bling. European-style jackets, and even some of the European, brightly-colored shirts, lots of Animo stuff, etc.