Jumping a horse after recovering from a broken coffin bone?

My 5 year old OTTB gelding fractured his coffin bone. He fractured it at the wing and at the tip, but the fracture did not involve the joint (thank god). It was a stress-type fracture. He was put on stall rest and had a bar shoe on a week after it happened (so we discovered it quickly.) After about 4 months, the tip has healed completely, and the wing is about 70-75% healed. The vet says he should be able to return to full work. He was bring trained as a jumper and I was hoping to do 3’6-3’9 jumpers with him. Do you think one day he will be okay to do this?

I ride a WB jumper mare who busted a piece off her coffin bone as a 2 year old. She recovered completely and it has never bothered her one bit. She used to wear plain shoes but has been barefoot for the last 2 years. She’s fine either way.

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My family’s large pony had a similar injury 2 (maybe ish?) years ago. He recovered great and actually went to Devon and held his own. No soundness issues whatsoever, then (right after recovery) and now. I think your guy will be fine. :slight_smile: :yes:

I’ve got a guy who has an old coffin bone fracture. He’s 100% sound on it and doing 3’3" hunters.