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Just a little cheery post - Hip Progress

I had labral tear/osteoplasty surgeries on both hips two(?) years ago. Unfortunately it didn’t really solve the issue and I re-developed bone spurs on one, but even on the one that doesn’t have the spurs, I just feel stuck.

So, I’ve been doing FAI fix and deep yin yoga because I’m just super tired of surgeries (I had some other emergency surgeries in between there, and I’m sick of it!) - yes, at some point I’ll get it replaced, but for now, I’m working on non-surgical alternatives.

I have reasonable days and not so reasonable days, but I’m riding mostly pain free, I just look like crap with my legs kind of in a chair seat to keep the pressure off of my hips. No balancing on the mouth, it just looks more like a grippy bareback seat. Still not riding wide horses. But fine - this is ok.

But today I had a huge progress moment - I reached down and was able to tighten my dressage girth FROM THE SADDLE. Y’all, this is huge. I have been unable to do so prior or since my surgeries, which was a pain because I often ride alone and need to tighten my girth after I get on, so I have to hop off, and hop back on. I was able to reach down over one leg and get it! Not only that, but BOTH legs worked to do lateral work (my left was…kind of rogue).

I’m so happy!

I can see progress in my hip position, and will continue to work on that.


That is FAB! HOORAY!


Those of us who also deal with bodyparts that don’t work like they used to (looking at you, knees!) applaud you!
Riding is a proven therapy, so my 2¢ says it will only get better :wink:
Today, the girth!
Tomorrow, the World!


Thanks guys! I am beside myself happy about it! It gives me hope that even though I still look like poo on a horse, that eventually it could change! It’s progress! It’s a sign that things are loosening up.

I think that whole pelvic region locked up to keep me safe. And so it’s all these muscles that I didn’t even know existed that needed to release. Very nice of it to try to do that but I really think I’ve got this now :laughing:

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When/if you get to that point, I gotta say, total hip replacement surgery is a life-changer. It’s a pretty easy recovery, too, especially if the surgery is anterior.


Thanks @alpine1 - I’ve heard that :slightly_smiling_face:

I will probably reconsider in a year after my life settles a bit - right now I’m trying to move across the country, close my boarding barn temporarily, find a place for at least one of my horses so that i can keep riding for the year, start a business, finish my MBA and get a new job…adding surgery to that list just doesn’t sound doable to me :laughing:

No stress here

So i’ve been dealing with hip pain for several years. Starting about a year ago, I found a way that really helps–yoga stretching, plus some stretches adapted to horseback.
I talk about it in this blog post:

I’ve since added many stretches, but no time to edit the post or do another. I will soon!

Thank you!!! What a great idea to write up the routine you’ve developed. I need to read deeper and see where there are synergies to add to my list!

Piriformis stretches and a stretch where I turn my torso while my hip is in external rotation have been impactful. I cannot do them yet when my hips are in internal rotation. And I cannot sit flat with one in internal and the other external…not yet.

I’ve had a number of falls right on my sacroiliac (sprained it twice - something I didn’t think was possible) and when I loosen up something in my lower back grinds and pops too (but in a good way).

I’m physically a mess lol - it’s like which sore thing do I decompress first?

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I’m going to jump in here (having had THR surgery) and recommend Feldenkrais, it really does help realign you and loosens tight spots without effort - it’s miraculous! Of course I also do lots of stretching as well, and lots of core strengthening exercises.

Yoga and Pilates are also great, of course – but there are a lot of Feldenkrais exercises online – way cheaper than finding a practitioner.