Just moved to CO -- looking for reasonably priced XC instruction

I just moved to the Boulder, CO area from Massachusetts. I have been riding for 17 years – mostly saddle seat, but did the hunter/jumper thing on the equestrian team in college, and hunter on the flat since. The jumping I have done was small but very fun, and I would love to challenge myself and try out cross country! I don’t really know anyone here, let alone horse people, and have had difficulty finding anything further north than the Denver metro area – any recommendations for barns and lessons in the Boulder area would be greatly appreciated!

I don’t know much about prices, etc. but there are only a few places in the Boulder area with access to XC courses. This place has access to a neat looking course:

Somerset and Silo Farms are not hosting the Rocky Mountain Horse trials anymore, and last I heard Silo Farms was for sale and selling all of their XC jumps.

Have you looked here yet? http://www.bvea.org/BVEA/BVEA_HOME.html

I’m not familiar with anything up in that area. I live in NE CO and train with someone in Kiowa. Welcome to CO, and I hope you find what you’re looking for!

Deeda Randle and John Staples are great trainers that come to that area. Martha Deeds might as well?

I heard Silo Farms was for sale, but I thought the jumps were staying over there and being used. Sorry!

Wildflower Ranch has some nice XC jumps, but it is a small, private facility.

I think the owner of Rabbit Mountain Equestrian Center in Longmont does eventing. Perhaps he can help point you in the right direction. It is a nice facility for boarding, and while on the pricier side, I’ve heard that their board prices have gone down a bit recently. I don’t know much about the non h/j trainers that go there, though.

Give me a call. I can travel or you can come to our place in Arvada (just down the road form you about 30 minutes). I’m happy to help.