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Just starting in Dressage

So after riding for almost 13 years I was able to buy my first horse he is by no means a grand prix dressage prospect. this is the video I put together. He is 13 yrs old chestnut quarter horse gelding I have taken about 4 lessons on him and am planning to try a training level test in August. Do you think we have a shot in the arena?


forgot to mention this is my attempt at switching disciplines as well I was a hunter/jumper rider for 6 years. Making the switch to eventing

Cute video and horse!! Just remember to sit up with your shoulders back for your dressage test and think about picking your hands up slightly as well. Otherwise, he seems very steady in both the connection and tempo so looking good! Let us know hpw it goes!

He is very cute. And fairly steady in the bridle.

I second the shoulders open and back. You need to turn your thumbs up, with almost straight or slightly rounded wrists. This will allow your upper arms to hang closer to your sides and soften your contact.

You will eventually need to learn to sit the canter with a steadier lower leg. Sitting will help you to not lower and spread your hands at the canter. As they need to stay up and closer together.

These are all hunt seat to dressage position changes. :wink: Sorry!

Try reading around the subject. Dressage is just about correct training so if you understand the reasons behind a movement or the progress of the horse through ‘the scales of training’ then you can ride with intelligence and work around issues as they come up. People learn in different ways, so also watch lots of riders (all widely available on line) and see the different ways they deal with their horses. The great riders have a simple system, are consistent, but able to adapt to suit the strengths and weaknesses of each horse.

Or as the great man said, riding is simple, it just isn’t easy.

Get a dressage saddle that fits you. It will help you position a lot! Nice horse, well suited to you. You’ll do great at your show.

Very cute horse! I think you’ll probably do just fine at Training. You may get comments about contact or not using your hands as much - of course you have a lot to learn, since you’re new! (Most of us have a lot to learn!) The tips about converting from h/j were good, and as a former hunter rider I will say you’re doing yourself a favor if you start learning about pelvis/hip angle sooner rather than later, as it has been the hardest thing for me to re-learn.